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By: Kamal jeha. Definitions  Two Dimensional- A flat object have do depth to it. An object has Length and width.  Two Dimensional Layout- Is the placement.

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1 By: Kamal jeha

2 Definitions  Two Dimensional- A flat object have do depth to it. An object has Length and width.  Two Dimensional Layout- Is the placement of objects in a picture or project before the final design. A 2d Layout is how and where the object are placed in a picture.  Two Dimensional Design- Is referring to a design drawn out that has form and depth there is no height making it 2D. This can be seen in blueprints.

3 Brochure/Flyer  When making a brochure, one of the big rules is to have an attractive cover page. You need to make the cover page colourful but with enough information that the person seeing it would want to open it and keep on reading. The Cover Page is the first thing to bee seen so it has to be colourful with the main idea portrayed. Is this example, the front cover has large image of what the activity is. As well the colour is inviting a attention drawing. When looking at this brochure it makes you want to open it and read more!

4 Poster  When creating a poster you must have a focal point. Poster always have the one point that is the centre of attention. This point is what will draw the viewers attention and will make them want to keep on reading. In this poster there is a large picture that is attention grabbing. The picture in the focal point of the poster. As well with movie posters there is just enough information to tell the details and nothing extra.

5 Postcard  When creating a postcard some design tips are to have a picture that is exciting and not boring. Take a picture of use a picture that captures the idea. As well having white space will draw attention to your card. Making a postcard cluttered will not make it appealing. Keep it short and simple! In this postcard, the image on the front is showing the Calgary skyline with our two famous buildings. There is nice contrasting colours with the green trees and the dark blue of the Bow Tower. As well there is no cluttering of words on the photo is is simple.

6 Webpage When creating a website, you should always have your logo in a primary spot. Make sure people can see it and link it as well. Get rid of clutter. Make sure that what you want people to see is the main topic. It has to simple to get people to want to keep on reading. Use colour and images that represent the topic. In this example Apple has taken their new product and made it the centre of attention on there homepage. They have the white background so that the picture of the iPad mini pop out against the white backbrou

7 Magazine  When creating a magazine cover, it is important to keep the design or layout of the cover the same from page-to-page but from issue-to-issue. As well typography is important when designing a magazine cover. Use different fonts and styles and sizes to get your point across. The title should be the centre of attention and main stories should come next. In this example, the title is bold and stands out. Next the main story is highlighted with a big title and a large high quality picture to represent the topic. As well with this company, they keep the same basic layout so that consumers are familiar with the magazine.

8 Newspaper  Even though information should be primary in the newspaper, a well thought out layout and design will draw peoples attention and make them want to read. Headlines and pictures should be well thought out. You should focus your attention on the main story and make that the attention grabber. In this example the title of the company is bold. The main story has its picture on the front page in a high resolution. And the title of the story is bold so that you will be able to find the story and read it.

9 Letterhead When designing a letterhead make sure to keep it simple, clutter will make it confusing and unpleasant to read. The most important part of the letterhead is the name but the return address, telephone number, email address, or fax number are all needed. In this design, the company has made their logo and name visually available. As well, they have all their essential information such as the fax number and phone number. The letterhead is uncluttered.

10 Greeting Card When creating a greeting card, it is important to create a cover that is inviting. You need to have a picture and text that creates a personal connection with the person designing it. Funny pictures and funny cards sell the most. The first impression is important and the content has to be appropriate with the subject presented. Use different sized text and fonts to create a personal design. In this example the card uses a funny image and different colours to draw your attention. The text on the card is inviting and appropriate for the situation. The card can have a personal connection.

11 Business Card  When creating a business card the images on the card must be suitable for the company. If you work at a funeral home, cartoon images would not suit the situation. The business card is the first impression that a person may get of your company. It is always important to use an image or company logo to give an idea of what the company is about. As well creating or having a slogan on the card. This help people better remember your company. Things like your phone number are important to help people find and use your business. When making a business card use card stock or thick paper, don’t use regular printer paper. In this example, the company has used attention gabbing colours and made them into a image that has a 3D affect. They have also included their logo and the location of the company as well as the phone number and possible personal numbers.

12 CD Jacket  When creating a Cd jacket you must have the all important band name As well using a picture of the band or the singer. This needs to be unique and must draw attention so that people will be for likely to see your cover and listen to your music. The use of different font may also enhance the theme of the CD jacket. In this example there is a logo or symbol that represents the general topic and theme of the album. As well the colour is bright and attention grabbing and will make you want to go and look at it. As well there is different sized text so its not boring it has character.


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