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Mike Farquhar January 2009 MSN and Skype-like programs MSN and Skype-like programs Computer Group Computer Group.

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1 Mike Farquhar January 2009 MSN and Skype-like programs MSN and Skype-like programs Computer Group Computer Group

2 MSN and Skype-like programs Talk about MSN and Skype- like programs Demo MSN Demo Skype Questions 2

3 MSN and Skype-like programs But… … before we start… … I have 3 “quickies” 3

4 MSN and Skype-like programs..1 st quickie Security update 4

5 Security Update ANTIVIRUS Version 8 of AVG available from FileHippo (see the link on the website)

6 Security Update SPYWARE For Spyware my recommendations have changed as AVG8 includes an anti-spyware component I now recommend that, if you’re using Windows XP that you remove Microsoft Defender To sum up….

7 Security Update My Current Recommendations If you’re using Windows VISTA…run AVG8 (and disable either the antispyware component of AVG or Windows Defender) If you’re using Windows XP…run only AVG8 If you’re using Windows’98 or Me…run AVG7.5 for Antivirus Spybot and/or AdAware for AntiSpyware ZoneAlarm 5.5 for a Firewall Links for all these are available on the website 7

8 Security Update Keep your computer updated. Use Windows Update (to update just Windows) Or use Microsoft Update to update Windows, Office and many more. 8

9 Security Update …and don’t forget… BACKUPS …keep doing your BACKUPS onto separate media. CD or DVD Pen drive External USB hard drive Network …or, wherever, just do it! 9

10 MSN and Skype-like programs …2 nd quickie MS Office 2007 10

11 Microsoft Office File Formats With the introduction of Office 2007 Microsoft improved their products in ways that the format of their files could not cope with. So they designed new format. These new formats, for the various components of MS Office use the new file types, e.g. “.DOCX” for MS Word and “.XLSX” for MS Excel. This can cause confusion and problems…. 11

12 Microsoft Office File Formats These new format are not natively understood by earlier versions of Office. So we have the scenario that, for example, Word2003 cannot read Word2007 docs whereas Word2007 can read Word2003 and earlier docs. So what can we do about this? 12

13 Microsoft Office File Formats Owners of the earlier versions of Office… Office’97 / Office’2000 / OfficeXP / Office2003 …can get an update from Microsoft to allow them to read the new formats. These are available on Microsoft Update More details of this are in the Microsoft Knowledgebase article 924074. Get it here: 13

14 Microsoft Office File Formats Owners of the new version, Office2007, can also do something to help their older cousins. Office2007 programs can individually be configured so that they save file, not in the new O2007 formats, but in a format called “Word 97-2003 Document (*.DOC)” (DEMO) This, as it implies, is compatible with the earlier versions. Again, more details are available at: 14

15 Microsoft Office2007 The Home and Student edition of Office2007 is available currently for under £54 This includes licenses for 3 computers at the same address. (not for business users) 15

16 MSN and Skype-like programs …3rd quickie The U3A Website 16

17 The U3A website 17

18 The U3A website 18

19 The U3A website 19

20 MSN and Skype-like programs MSN and Skype-like programs

21 MSN and Skype-like programs MSN and Skype belong to a class of programs more properly called Internet Telephone providers There are many of these.. 21

22 MSN and Skype-like programs Internet Telephone providers The one thing that defines them is... They allow telephone communication over the internet. This communication is called Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP As far as me and you are concerned the reason to use any of these system is to … SAVE MONEY 22

23 MSN and Skype-like programs A recent magazine article compared 6 service providers and the latest VOIP software. The opinion of the magazine as to possible savings is reflected in the number of stars. (***** is best) Microsoft – Windows Live Messenger ** Tesco - Internet Phone ** Skype – Skype 3.8 *** VOIPCHEAP.COM – VoIPcheap **** BT - Broadband Talk ** Gradwell – Single user UK Unlimited **** Connexin – UK Unlimited ***** Sipgate – Sipgate ** VOIPTALK – VoIPTalk 1000 *** VONAGE – V-Plan 2 **** 23

24 MSN and Skype-like programs I’m not going to talk about all of these but if anyone is interested and wants to read the article in full please contact me. What I will talk about is the two which have been requested, namely, Windows Live Messenger Skype 24

25 MSN and Skype-like programs Windows Live Messenger The magazine report concluded: Good Chat and File Sharing Very Limited for VOIP Calls limited to other MSN Users The MSN software is free My opinion is reflected in my usage of MSN. I only use it for textual “chat” and not video. DEMO 25

26 MSN and Skype-like programs SKYPE The magazine report concluded: Easy to Use Useful Features Calls to Mobile Phones are Expensive My opinion is reflected in my usage of Skype. I use it, in preference, for all communications and video whenever possible. 26

27 MSN and Skype-like programs SKYPE: some terms need explanation: SkypeIN – rent a phone number (anywhere in the world) then others can call you from landlines or VOIP phones. SkypeOUT – Phoning from Skype out to landlines. Skype to Skype - These calls are free. The PC software is free. Skype works well with webcams giving a rudimentary VideoConferencing System. DEMO 27

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