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Penny Worland, Senior Policy Planner District Council of Mount Barker Feb 2015.

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1 Penny Worland, Senior Policy Planner District Council of Mount Barker Feb 2015

2 Questions

3  what is public health planning all about?  what is its relevance to youth development?  are young people and YDOs contributing to public health planning?  what do public health plans say about youth health and wellbeing?  what does good practice look like?  what could a Public Health framework offer to youth development?

4 Changing role of Local Government in Youth affairs and Youth Development Legitimisation of LG role in social policy, community services and community development: 1970’s – 1990’s Trend away from case management & targeted service delivery Trend to ‘service delivery’ = group programs, activities, larger events Universal programs rather than targeted (but some focus on cohorts) Social inclusion rather than social justice?

5 Dual focus of Youth Officer role in LG Civic participation and engagement of young people: Leadership, skill development YP contributing to Council’s decision-making Recognition of rights and value of YP as citizens: – within Council and – their local communities Coordination and planning of youth services and development opportunities: Policy and strategy development Capacity building, communication and networking (community development) Program delivery (including events): development, implementation and evaluation

6 Key concepts in youth development Community development Capacity building Social inclusion Social justice Civic Participation CitizenshipRightsRecognitionLeadership

7 YDO turn-over Council commitment/support for role goals and approach policy and Strategy evaluation funding/resourcing community development principles Challenges

8 Public Health Planning South Australian Public Health Act 2011 Defines LG as ‘Public Health Authority’ Requires ‘public health plans ’  State public health plan  Regional Public Health Plans (by Local Gov)

9 Why do Public Health Planning?  Health is a ‘shared goal’ of all levels of government  Requires coordinated systems and approaches  Health in All Policies: ‘health and wellbeing are largely influenced by measures that are often managed by government sectors other than health’

10 Key Concepts in Public Health Determinants of health Health equity Vulnerable groups Health citizenship Health literacy

11 Determinants of Health

12 Determinants of health in neighbourhoods

13 What factors determine health?

14 Health citizenship Political determinants of health: ‘the power constellations and ideologies that impact on health and wellbeing’ Health citizenship: participation in the governance of health care and health policy It includes rights and responsibilities, being able to take action and participate, as well as being able to question things

15 Health citizenship “We must ensure that our democratic institutions value health. We must invest in the health literacy of decision-makers and of the citizens who elect them.” Ilona Kickbusch, WHO (Past Thinker in Residence)

16 Health inequity

17 differences in health across individuals/ population groups = inequalities in health Inequities in health= avoidable differences ‘Where systematic differences in health are judged to be avoidable by reasonable action they are, quite simply, unfair. It is this that we label health inequity’ WHO, 2008

18 Research Methodology Search Public Health Plans: 4 metro, 3 rural/regional: 20 LGAs – evidence of key youth development and public health terms and concepts – strategies and actions with explicit youth content – images of youth, reference to youth plans Interview YDOs at the Council’s about PHP

19 Findings PHP and youth participation and engagement PHP and young people’s wellbeing LG engagement with PHP and PH concepts PHP and youth participation and engagement PHP and young people’s wellbeing LG engagement with PHP and PH concepts

20 Public Health Plans and youth participation Plans: Described engagement with YAC = 1 Identified youth involvement in decisions as a strategy = 2 Included Youth Forum in strategies not youth specific = 1 YDOS: not always aware of Council PHP and may not have an understanding of PHP meaningful involvement in plan development = 2 All YDOs believe that PHP is relevant and important to their role and to YP

21 PHP and young people’s wellbeing Plans: Demographic analysis = 7 Strategy or action relevant to youth wellbeing = 6 YP have a visible presence (at least 1 image) = 4 Clear reference to a Council Youth Strategy =3 Quoted a young person = 1 Priority area for Children and YP with multiple strategies =1 ‘Regional Strategy’ for Youth development + strategies for youth in Council ‘Action Plans’ = 1 YDOs: 2 YDO expressed confidence that the PHP – is meaningful in their context – will have on how local youth issues will be addressed by Council

22 PHP and young people’s wellbeing Civic participation and engagement of young people not well recognised as a valuable contribution to YP wellbeing in itself. Coordination, planning and provision of youth programs and development opportunities is more clearly articulated.

23 What the Plans say “Encourage and support initiatives that contribute to the positive development of children and young people, including a focus on low income households and children and youth at risk” “Improved local education, training and employment opportunities for the community including….youth” “Provision of ongoing, funded and coordinated mental health services including youth counselling services…” “Support the needs of people of different ages and abilities: Younger people”

24 What the Plans say “Provide youth programs and investigate social enterprise initiatives and implement where feasible” “Establish Council Policies and Action Plans to recognise youth achievements and support local student research and work experience” “Plan for meeting areas and spaces for young people in parks, public spaces and community facilities that support youth to connect to the community”

25 LG engagement with Public Health LG is still feelings its way... ‘Determinants of Health’ concepts are strong: providing the environmental, economic and social resources for healthy communities Most plans include some reference to: social justice, community development, youth development, social inclusion and recognise vulnerable groups Less evidence of engagement with idea of health citizenship, health equity, political determinants of health

26 Conclusion emerging practice and frameworks relevant to YP and YDO PH and YD: some shared goals and language meaningful process and content!! tell the story: YD and community wellbeing function as a youth strategy? funding, partnerships

27 And the winner is…


29 References How Societies Create Health and Wellbeing. Presentation by Ilona Kickbusch, Adelaide 2014 Our Future is Now: Directions for youth development in local government. Local Government Association of South Australia

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