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College of Engineering Scholarship Coordinator Office: 369 RGAN Phone: 859-257-0569

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1 College of Engineering Scholarship Coordinator Office: 369 RGAN Phone: 859-257-0569

2  Federal and State Financial Aid  UK Academic Scholarships  College of Engineering Funding  Tips for Finding Funding

3   Awards vary depending on a number of factors ◦ The following things affect the Estimated Family Contribution or EFC  Parent and student income (co-op and work study earnings are an exclusion on the FAFSA and therefore do not affect the EFC)  # in household  # in college  Businesses or properties that are owned other than home (FAFSA only counts the difference between the total mortgage on the property and the amount still owed)  Amount of $$ in bank accounts  Amount of taxes paid

4  FAFSA should be filled out as early as possible in order to attain the most aid available  FAFSA is available to fill out now  All students are eligible for at least $5500 in students loans each year – regardless of household income – as long as the FAFSA is completed (Amount depends on grade classification)

5  Student must fill out a FAFSA to apply for a Pell Grant  Must have financial need in order to be eligible (EFC must be below 5081)  Does not have to be repaid  Maximum of $5645/year  Available to part time and full time students  Prorated for part time status

6  Some funding available only if you fill out the FAFSA form at ◦ Ky Cap Grant  Runs out early every year, so do your FAFSA in January!  Must be a KY resident AND Pell eligible  KEES (KY Educational Excellence Scholarship) funding not FAFSA based

7 Scenarios

8  Scholarship applications due April 15  Awards are $1500/year typically  Requirements The Academic Scholarship Program for currently enrolled UK students is open to all currently enrolled, full-time undergraduate students with a 3.50 or greater cumulative grade point average and who have completed at least 12 semester hours at UK. Students who will be receiving other scholarships through the Academic Scholarship Program are not eligible to be considered for these awards.

9  Completed applications are due April 15  Awards range from $1000 - $5000/year  Merit based and Financial needs based  All awards are competitive  Award decisions normally made in early summer

10  Applications are due June 15 for the fall  Available to students who have significant financial need and graduated from a KY high school  Honor Loan – not a traditional loan  0% interest rate for the life of the loan  Paying it off helps other students in the future

11  Must be a KY resident  Must have graduated from a KY high school  Guaranteed job upon college graduation  Funds are paid outside of other financial aid  Application due before March 1

12  Google it!  Come ask me or your academic advisor  Ask your Director of Undergraduate Studies  Other Universities’ websites  Most are funding applications are due before March 1 st for off campus awards  If you co-op SAVE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!! ◦ This money does not count as income on the FAFSA and can be used to help pay for future semesters

13  UK Academic Scholarship Form – Bring in to Funkhouser Room 100  Ellis Honor Loan Application - Bring to me in RGAN 369

14 Any Questions?

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