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OhioVOTES Voting in Ohio: A Refresher Webinar. OhioVotes Coordinator 614.280.1984, x 25.

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1 OhioVOTES Voting in Ohio: A Refresher Webinar

2 OhioVotes Coordinator 614.280.1984, x 25

3 Presenters Peg Rosenfield Election Specialist with League of Women Voters of Ohio Carrie Davis Legal Counsel with ACLU of Ohio

4 Voting laws are mostly the same as the last election, including ID. However, in- person absentee voting will vary the last three days before the election on Nov 8. Call Your Local Board of Elections for Hours and Locations

5 Three ways to vote: Vote by mail absentee Early in-person absentee voting Vote at your local precinct on Election Day

6 Vote by Mail Absentee

7 Early In-Person Absentee Hours and locations will vary, check with your local board

8 When You Vote Early In-Person Absentee You Need Either the Last Four Digits of SSN or complete driver’s license number.

9 EElection Day Voting November 8 6:30 am to 7:30 pm Voter ID for Election day is A copy of a current and valid photo ID. –Ohio Driver’s License –State Issued ID –Government ID –Photo ID must show name & address OR

10 Election Day Voting November 8 A copy of a current utility or cell phone bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check or other government document that shows the voter’s name & current address (including from a college or university address).

11 VVoting for those with criminal records People convicted of misdemeanors never lose their right to vote People convicted of a felony only lose the right to vote while in prison Once out of prison people regain the right to vote. All you need to do is register to vote.

12 Provisional Voting A provisional ballot is best described as a temporary vote until the Board of Elections verifies your identity and changes your provisional vote to a regular vote.

13 Provisional Voting The most common reasons requiring a provisional ballot are: –No ID or unacceptable ID (follow up required) –Last 4-digits of Social Security Number for ID –Change of address or name without updating registration –Voting in the incorrect precinct. Provisional voters will be required to sign an affirmation provided by the poll worker

14 Problems? If you have problems voting, call the Election Protection Hotline at 1.866.OURVOTE or 1.866.687.8683.

15 For Election Day materials such as posters, links or general information about voting, visit ACLU voter card available at

16 Questions

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