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Albert Bierstadt and Ansel Adams

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1 Albert Bierstadt and Ansel Adams
The American West as Artistic Inspiration Bierstadt to 1902 Adams to 1984

2 Bierstadt 19th Century American Painter
Member of the Hudson Valley School Traveled through the American West as far as California His Works were an introduction to the American West for many people on the East Coast

3 Adams 20th Century Photographer
Best Known for Photos of the American West Yosemite National Park From San Francisco, California

4 The American West has long been a source of
artistic inspiration for Authors, Artists, Filmmakers and others. Since the early days of the United States, Explorers have been attracted to the Romance and Adventure embodied by the American West. Albert Bierstadt and Ansel Adams both used the Landscapes of the American West in their works. In particular, California was a source of Artistic Inspiration for both men.

5 Seascapes The Coast of California and the Pacific Ocean
This was my first Bierstadt.

6 Seascapes San Francisco Bay

7 Waterfalls Bridal Veil Falls Yosemite National Park

8 Waterfalls Yosemite Falls Yosemite National Park

9 Mountains and Peaks Cathedral Rocks Yosemite National Park
The influence- even subconscious- that Bierstadt had on Adams is clearly seen here.

10 Mountains and Peaks El Capitan Yosemite National Park

11 Storm Clouds

12 Further Information The Smithsonian in Washington, DC has a number of Bierstadt pieces: The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art offered an exhibit on Ansel Adams to celebrate his 100th birthday:

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