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W IND P OWER By Hannah Bluck and Victoria Courtel.

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1 W IND P OWER By Hannah Bluck and Victoria Courtel

2 C ONTENTS What is wind? How do we use wind power? How can wind make energy? What can wind do? Fun facts! Quiz time !

3 W HAT IS WIND ? Wind power is basically Just normal air but it moves around us. Like Breezes and windstorms And just normal wind. It can control kites in the Air around us.

4 H OW DO WE USE WIND POWER ? People have used energy for a very long time And we still use it today. People in the late 1800s began using the wind to generate electricity, 89 years after that there were 77 windmill companies In the United states

5 H OW CAN WIND MAKE ENERGY ? Wind makes energy by pushing a windmill around by a huge thing called a wind turbine which will make the blades on a windmill turn which will make energy by turning around and around. The bigger the turbine is the more wind power it will make.

6 W HAT CAN WIND DO ? Wind can blow kites around a breeze can make leaves fall off trees A gush of wind could cause a disaster like a tornado or hurricane. Wind can make us feel cold in the winter and cool us down in the summer and wind can make power for heating and air conditioning and water bills.

7 F UN F ACTS ! The first modern wind turbine was made by Georges Jean Marie Darrieus in 1931 In 2006 the wind turbines in the United States made enough energy to power up more than 2.4 million homes!!!!! The largest wind turbine in the world, located in Hawaii, stands 20 stories tall and has blades the length of a football field. Since the 1920s windmills have been a helpful source of power in America

8 Q UIZ TIME ! A NSWERS 1. Name 3 things wind can do? 2. Who made the first modern wind turbine? 3. What is wind? 4. Since the 1920s windmills have been helpful to which country? 5. If you have a bigger turbine will it make more or less energy 1. Page 6 2. Page 7 3. Page 3 4. Page 7 5. Page 5


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