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By Matt & Erica.  t94s t94s.

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1 By Matt & Erica



4  t94s t94s

5  The Piñata originated in China a long time ago. It was made out of animal hide and hung by a sturdy rope. When the Chinese first started using piñata's they filled them with five different types of seeds and then hit the piñata with various colored sticks. Once broken open the Chinese people burned the remainders and then collected the ashes for good luck.  Today Piñata's are made out of papier-mâché.

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9  Today Piñata's are used for birthday parties and celebrations. In America we do not fill our piñata's with seeds, but candy!! We decorate our piñata's with colorful wrappings and use a stick or bat to break it open.

10  Spanish Spanish  Norwegian Norwegian  American American

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