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Eating a healthy diet, managing your weight, and exercising daily, can help prevent 3 common diseases: Diabetes Heart Disease High Blood Pressure.

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2 Eating a healthy diet, managing your weight, and exercising daily, can help prevent 3 common diseases: Diabetes Heart Disease High Blood Pressure

3 Pre-Diabetes


5  Glucose is your blood sugar; Cells use it to make energy  When glucose(sugar) cannot enter cells and begins to rise in your blood it is called Diabetes  High blood sugar damages the body over time

6 Type 1 o Insulin dependent o the body cannot make insulin so it must be injected into the body Type 2 o The body cannot use the insulin it makes o The body may not make enough insulin

7 Family history Age – over 45 Being overweight** Race or ethnic background Pre-diabetes** High Blood Pressure** Physical inactivity** High cholesterol levels** Previous gestational diabetes

8 What happens in the body when you have diabetes? The body either cannot make insulin or has a hard time using it, causing blood sugar levels to rise.


10 Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States Diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure tend to happen together Adults with diabetes are two to four times more likely to have heart disease than adults without diabetes

11 The most important risk factors of heart disease are changeable: High cholesterol High blood pressure Diabetes (Type 2) Unhealthy diet Physical inactivity Obesity

12 Cholesterol: A waxy, fat like substance found in all cells in the body The “bad” cholesterol o Contributes to build-up in the blood vessels o Leads to heart disease

13 The artery walls around the heart must work harder to pump blood through vessels Hypertension = High Blood Pressure Blood Pressure Goal Less than 120/80

14 What is the leading cause of death in the US? Heart Disease


16 DO: Maintain or try to reach a healthy body weight Exercise Daily Eat healthy Limit: Salt intake High fat foods Highly processed foods & drinks

17 If you need to lose weight, even just 5-10% weight loss can prevent disease Aim for at least 30-60 minutes of daily structured activity Portion control and cut calories Limit high calorie beverages/drinks

18 Chronic illnesses can be prevented or improved through regular physical activity 30 minutes a day, five times a week Aerobic exercises benefit your heart Strength and stretching exercises for overall stamina and flexibility


20 MyPlate o ½ fruits & Vegetables o ¼ Protein o ¼ Carbohydrate o Dairy

21 Get a variety of COLOR everyday! Try to incorporate at least 1 fruit & vegetable at each meal The brighter the color the better!

22 Try different sources of protein Animal based: o Fish, poultry, beef, pork, o Eggs are a great source of protein! Plant based: o Beans, quinoa, lentils, tofu

23 Choose whole grains whenever possible o Whole wheat bagels & english muffin, whole wheat/whole grain bread, brown rice, whole grain pastas, corn o Adds more fiber & nutrition Try not to eat refined grains if possible o White breads, plain bagels, white english muffins, white rice o Highly processed, a lot less nutrients, less fiber

24 Includes milk, yogurt, and cheeses A great source of calcium, Vitamin D and protein Soy, rice, and almond milks are often fortified with calcium too Tips: o Choose fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese o Be aware of high sugar content in flavored yogurts Aim for 3 servings a day

25 MyPlate tool helps you remember to try and eat Healthy by eating foods: High fiber Lower fat Low salt Low in added sugars

26 Fiber = increases bowel movements, prevents constipation, lowers blood cholesterol, helps in weight loss High Fiber Foods Are: o Fruits w/ skin o Whole wheat breads & cereals o Brown rice o Oatmeal o Air popper popcorn o Beans/legumes o Nuts

27 Limit intake of animal fats like butter, meats, whole milk, cheeses Choose Healthier Fats Omega 3: fish, nuts, plant oils, flaxseed Omega 6: eggs, poultry, meat, plant oils Avoid all Trans fat = Hydrogenated fats/oils Food Example: o Shortening o Processed pastry products, chips & cookies o Stick margarines o Boxed mixes like cake & pancake

28 High sugar foods are high calorie & poor in nutrition. Added sugars mostly found in o Processed snack foods o Soft drinks & juice o Dessert foods

29 Cut back on salt(also called Sodium) intake to prevent high blood pressure High salt found in: o Processed foods-boxed foods, canned foods, sauces, pickles, salted snacks o Restaurant foods Goal: Less than 2300 mg each day Solution: Eat fresh whenever possible!

30 Tips for eating out o Share with someone o Order a half size instead of the full size dinner o Doggy bag the leftovers before eating

31 Fresh produce & foods provide: o More nutrients: vitamins & minerals o More flavor o More control Processed Foods have: o More calories, fat, salt, & sugar o Less nutrients o Chemically added fillers & preservatives o Less control

32 Listed by weight o The first ingredient weighs more o The last ingredient weighs less What to look for: o Whole grains o Sugars listed in the first 5 ingredients o “Hidden” trans fats labeled as: Hydrogenated or Partially hydrogenated o A long list of ingredients o Words you cannot pronounce



35 Tips at the store o Choose fruits & vegetables in season o Buy staple foods in bulk/larger sizes o Frozen can be just as good o Buy generic brands Items at eye level tend to be more expensive o Be careful of “ready-to-eat” convenience items Tips at home o Plan your food budget before shopping o Take inventory of food you already have o Plan a weekly menu based on sales/specials and food already on hand

36 Aim for a well balanced meal o MyPlate method: Eat small frequent meals throughout the day o Keeps portions small & keeps your metabolism active o Snacking is OK! Try to eat every 3- 4 hours o Fruits & vegetables are the perfect snack! ½ fruits & vegetables ¼ protein ¼ whole grains dairy



39 Remember: You CAN be healthy on a budget!

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