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Vehicle Management System. 2 About BMS Company BMS International Systems Development Ltd. BMS develops and implements sophisticated and easy to use “all-in-one”

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1 Vehicle Management System

2 2 About BMS Company BMS International Systems Development Ltd. BMS develops and implements sophisticated and easy to use “all-in-one” software for Vehicle Rental and Leasing Companies. The BMS system is in use since 1997 and based on more than 20 years of experience in the development of software for the vehicles industry. BMS is a software company jointly owned by HMS Consulting Group and Domicar. The BMS system has proven ability in managing small and large fleets (up to 50,000 vehicles).

3 3 BMS Software Package A comprehensive, modular software package for the management of Vehicle Rental, Leasing and Fleet Managment companies, adaptable to the client’s specific needs. The main applications are: Vehicle Rental Management. Fleet Management. Vehicle Leasing. Outbound Rental Reservations. Car Sales.

4 4 The BMS Software Main Modules  Fleet Management  Vehicle Rental System  Vehicle Leasing System  Vehicles Ordering  Work Orders and Invoices  Accidents and Damages System  Sophisticated Pricing System  Customer Relationship Management  Fuel Management System  Invoicing System  Traffic Tickets Management  Clients Complaints Management  Outbound Reservations  Car Sale  Reports and Queries  Interfaces with external systems  Control & Management Tools

5 5 Advantages of the BMS software BMS All in One - Software Package Friendly user interface - BMS has logical and graphical applications designed for speed and efficiency. Modular software that can serve anyone between small local company with one user and an international corporation with hundreds of simultaneous users (suitable also for vehicle workshops and car dealers). Records and tracks every vehicle activity transaction in one place, shared among all the BMS modules. Multilingual user interface - Supports any language and country localization.

6 6 More Advantages of the BMS software We know that each customer is unique and has different needs. The BMS software is very dynamic and flexible and can be customized to customer needs. Management Tools - Designed to increase revenue and profitability and reduce expenses. The company is constantly improving its products implementing the very latest technologies including constant updates to the system to match client needs. Developed and works in Microsoft Windows environment (.Net), which enables easy and fast interfacing with external systems. All of the above, and other features, makes the BMS the leading system for the vehicle management market.

7 7

8 8 The Main Modules in the Fleet Management System  Vehicles Details Management  Drivers Management  Vehicle Maintenance  Accidents and Damages  Staff Use and Vehicle Transport  Work Orders and Invoices  Vehicle Equipment  Vehicle Breakdown and Incidents  Manage Vehicle Orders  Vehicle Condition (graphical)  Reports and Queries  Traffic Tickets  Operations Control  Fueling Management  Vehicle Usage History  Vehicle Exchange  Automatic Alerts System  Foreign Fleet  Vehicle Depreciation

9 9 Vehicle Details Ability to load automatically vehicles list from MS-Excel files (and other formats, such as XML).

10 10 Fleet Management Agreement (for management companies) Manage the services and accessories provided to the client

11 11 Vehicle Ordering

12 12 Working Order and Invoices (include printing orders for workshops) Including reservation printout for the workshops

13 13 Suppliers Invoices Query Query all the vehicle maintenance and repairs.

14 14 Suppliers Details Management

15 15 Records of all the activities with the supplier

16 16 Damages and Accident Reports

17 17 Damages and Accident Reports (2) You can store the insurance details, print an insurance claim and export the accident details to the insurance companies.

18 18 Vehicle Condition Register and track graphically damages and malfunctions. Ability to print a sketch with the vehicle’s condition on any given date.

19 19 Vehicle Damages Registration and Tracking

20 20 Manage Vehicle Breakdown Process With this module the users can manage the Breakdown and other incidents information.

21 21 Vehicle Breakdown – Manage the suppliers works

22 22 Plan Vehicles Transport to Maintenance

23 23 Vehicle Exchange Tracks and records every vehicle activity

24 24 Vehicle Usage History

25 25 Handling and Tracking Vehicle Fueling Including a printout of Fueling / Washing reservations for gas stations. Fuel Control System - Fueling Deviation Report.

26 26 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  Clients Management screens (Private and Business)  Documents all the clients activities.  Client Charges Query screen  Handle customers complaints  Customers queries and reports  Automatic E-mails and SMS  And much more.

27 27 Driver Information Management

28 28 Vehicle Maintenance Including a maintenance forecast report

29 29 Vehicle Maintenance Programs

30 30 Vehicle Equipment Manage any vehicle equipment, e.g. GPS, Child Seat, Ski-rack, etc.

31 31 Handling Traffic Violation Tickets Quick entry of traffic tickets

32 32 Accounting Modules  Invoices  Charges Management  Debit / Credit Notes  Profit and Loss for Deals and Vehicles  Client Charges Query  Deposit and Payments Handle  Posting Data to Accounting system  And more…..

33 33 Invoices Management Ability to produce and send invoices automatically by E-mail to clients.

34 34

35 35 Automatic Alerts System The system automatically sends messages to directors, employees and customers about events, status reports, etc… For Example:  Buyback  Insurance Expiration  Vehicle’s maintenance  Max Odometer for Vehicle.  Vehicle Delivery Date is near/passed.  Vehicle Order is waiting for Management Approval.  The vehicle installations completed and it’s ready for usage.  And much more……. New alerts can be created dynamically without any change/development in the software.

36 36 Vehicles Query Screen E.g. Vehicles with expired insurances in January 2010

37 37 Reports

38 38 Reports (General)  Numerous reports on various subjects, such as:  Operational  Financial  Control and audit reports  Management Reports  Reports and queries can be exported to MS-Excel, ASCII, Word, PDF and more…  Query screens and user ability to create their own queries and ad-hoc reports.

39 39 Fleet Forecast

40 40

41 41 Interfaces with External Systems The system has an open interface to external third party systems, and new interfaces can be created quickly and easily. Here are some examples of existing interfaces:  Accounting Systems – For example: Sage, JDE, QuickBooks…  Credit Card Clearing  Internet  Direct Bank Debit  Toll Road Companies  Handhelds and PDA (e.g. return car without coming to the rental station)  And more …

42 42

43 43 Support and Maintenance Help Desk Maintenance Services DBA Support New Versions Upgrades:  New business functionality  Technological improvements  Bugs repair

44 44 New Developments, Innovations…. The Future BMS always improves and develops its products on a regular basis to serve the changing needs of its clients and the industry advancements. Research New Developments New Developments Innovation New Ideas New Ideas

45 August, 2010 Thank You ! For more information please contact us E-mail: Tel: +972 3 7622 951 Fax: +972 3 5224 402

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