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1 Depression

2 What is Depression? Someone with Depression can’t just “snap out of it.” Depression affects the way someone thinks, feels and acts. It becomes a negative lens through which the person sees and experiences the world.  A disorder of the brain that affects our thoughts, moods, behaviors with the following symptoms: Sad, depressed or irritable mood most every day for at least two weeks. No interest in favorite activities Weight loss or gain/ change in eating habits Restlessness/agitation Fatigue/loss of energy Feelings of worthlessness/guilt Trouble concentrating/making decisions

3 Depression May Also Include:
Headache/stomach ache Avoiding/refusing to go to school Drop in grades Change in friends Self-injury Social isolation Running away Aggressiveness Risk Taking Lack of attention to appearance Low tolerance for frustration Apathy/ “just don’t care”

4 How to Help Yourself Take time to relax Eat a healthy diet
Get enough sleep Exercise regularly Do something fun Get support from family and friends Get help (Tell your “go to” people)

5 How to Help Your Friend Encourage your friend to talk to an adult
Be understanding and supportive Let your friend know they are not alone Spend time with your friend If your friend mentions or talks about not wanting to be around anymore or gives away possessions tell an adult right away Know that there is a limit to what you can do A friend can make a big difference and be supportive, a professional can treat the depression

6 What Can I say to My Friends?
I don’t want anything bad happen to you….. Is everything ok? I’ve noticed you have been….. What can I do to help?

7 Let’s talk about appropriate language………
I want to _______ myself Instead what I really mean is…… I am so mad I didn’t do my homework, now I have to stay in at lunch time I feel frustrated with this math problem I am embarrassed because I made a mistake I am sad about my parents divorcing I feel overwhelmed with all the work I have to do

8 Tattling Vs. Reporting Should I tell? Thoughts……
My friend will be really mad if I tell… Thoughts…… Your friend might be mad for a short while and get over it. If they hurt themselves it would be forever.

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