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Grant Management UK Property Investment A carbon neutral company.

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1 Grant Management UK Property Investment A carbon neutral company

2 About us Founded 1997 125 people in 12 cities ARLA members Investors in people HBOS now own 20% Plc standards

3 What we do One stop solution Source Renovate Furnish Manage Traditional properties in city centres (we do not buy new build)

4 What we do We create safe, affordable homes to rent Happy clients refer us on

5 “Our business has grown … through happy clients telling their friends” We aim to ‘under promise’ and ‘over deliver’.

6 Why  50% of Global warming comes from property  Major issue for people under 30 What we do  GM is carbon neutral as a business  On our properties (offices and properties)  We reduce emissions at renovation stage (saves 30%)  We help tenants reduce emissions (saves 20%)  We plant a tree for every property let Benefits  Reduced energy costs / heating bills  Improves rent levels and occupancy Our Commitment to the Environment

7 The Market

8 Property Market … in university cities University cities –Large and growing rental market –Secure income (Joint leases/ guarantors) –Universities “recession proof”

9 City centre locations Better rent and yields No longer built! The market – why larger traditional property

10 The market - Property v shares Property as an investment has grown in popularity –Banks have lent some £120 Bn since 1999. Shares have become increasingly volatile Pensions no longer guaranteed

11 Where we buy We target large cities with yields over 6%

12 How we help clients invest

13 1.Buying well …location, price, experience! 2.Renovations … getting things done on time, on budget 3.Management … maximising occupancy Our Focus Our aim is that happy clients refer us on!

14 How we buy a property We assess all properties every week Rent & price - controlled by Gm model Surveyor confirms value Lawyer checks legals

15 Adding Value

16 Renovations – Adding value 1. Condition … bad is good (less competition, all new, more value) 2. Layout … more rooms (more rent, more value)

17 Bed 5 Bed 2Bed 1 Rents rise Values rise (condition & kitchen relocation) Maintenance costs reduced V Kitchen Renovations – Adding value

18 The Product

19 Property Management

20 “Back in the mid 1990’s we could not find a management company we liked or trusted… so we started our own” As investors ourselves, we instinctively know what’s important

21 Management – what makes us different One fee Investors, landlords, tenants. 95% Occupancy * No 1 issue for landlords Tenant loyalty scheme Out of hours viewings We pre-let flats Rent Payment If tenants pay late, we still pay landlords on 15 th ** Add value e.g. video inventories, Co2 neutral, 24hr emergency repairs, property e-tours “ As investors ourselves, we took all the things that annoyed us … and did the opposite” * From year 2 ** 1st month only)

22 We invest in people, training and systems Systems New phone system records all calls (Quality and training) New £300k property system due early 2008 People We invest heavily in training (ARLA, service, sales) One point of contact … investment and account manager Behind the scenes we take care of everything from accounts, marketing, safety, compliance, repairs and inspections

23 Finance

24 £’000 Year Assumes average capital appreciation of 10% pa Finance Investment £30k Setup £15k Borrowing £120K

25 £’000 Year Assumes average capital appreciation of 10% pa Finance

26 Performance – how to maximise Bank gearing gives tax and performance benefits Interest rates are still low Gross yields are 6% min Rental demand rising. A 5% rise in property values means a 25% return, if geared to 80% LTV

27 Risks Property prices could fall Occupancy cannot be guaranteed Interest rates could rise … have a fallback. Do not invest 100%

28 “Grant Management has been very efficient. Everything they promised has been done. Purchase price and refurbishment prices quoted were achieved, as was expected rental price and occupation date” Peter K, Investor. What our clients say

29 Summary We aim to give a complete “solution” There are no up front fees We only recommend flats we would buy ourselves If we do a good job, please refer us on.

30 “a one stop shop for investors and landlords” “GM never pays more for a property than it is worth” “effective” FINANCIAL TIMES What the papers say

31 Entrepreneur of the year Awards and Accreditations Professional services Company of the year

32 The next steps Brief. We need to understand your likes and dislikes. Finance. It helps to have this set up in advance* Purchase. You decide which property is right for you. * GM can give names of good contacts (… we receive no fee)

33 FAQ Tax Find a good tax accountant. How long to renovate 8 weeks max. Furnishing costs Allow £7-10k on furniture. How fast will it rent 7/10 flat are pre let. Finance 80 - 85% on end value (purchase plus renovations). Fees Nothing up front. 1.5% + vat if successful. 15% + VAT of monthly rental income paid on the 15 th each month. How can you help? Please refer us to others

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