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Expanding Enrollment Through Partnerships with Community Colleges Alice Reinarz – Assistant Provost for Enrollment Scott McDonald – Director of Admissions.

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1 Expanding Enrollment Through Partnerships with Community Colleges Alice Reinarz – Assistant Provost for Enrollment Scott McDonald – Director of Admissions Lynn Barnes – Director of Special Programs, Scholarships and Financial Aid

2 Quick Facts Enrollment: Among the largest universities in the nation, with a record 46,542 students and plans for gradual expansion to 48,000 over the next few years U.S. News and World Report: 3rd in “best values” Washington Monthly: 1 st nationally in service and research that drives economic growth National Merit Scholars: Among the top 10 universities in enrolling these high achieving scholars First-generation college students: Account for more than 25% of entering freshman in recent classes – among the best rates in the nation Student Financial Aid: About $420 million awarded annually Six-year graduation rate: The highest in Texas at 77% (state average 45%)

3 Enrollment Goals Current enrollment – 46,542 Plans to increase to 48,000 –Graduate enrollment by 1000 –Undergraduate Enrollment by 2500 Transfer Students are key to the growth of Texas A&M

4 Transfer Students at A&M Two Key Points –Transfers have traditionally played a key role in our UG population –Successful at A&M On average (last 4 years) 26% of all new UG’s were admitted as transfers Transfer Student Success (most recent cohorts) –90% retention to second year; 69% 4-year graduation rate (11% still enrolled) Compare to FR success (most recent cohorts) –92% retention to second year; 77% 6-year graduation rate

5 Blinn TEAM Program in 6 th year –Unique articulation agreement –350 to 400 students per cohort Guaranteed admission if: –Complete a minimum 60 hours; 45 at Blinn; 15 at A&M –3.0 or higher at BOTH institutions Able to compete in traditional transfer process (if desired) Financial Aid consortium agreement in place

6 Blinn TEAM cont… Full access to resources on both campuses Assigned both Blinn and A&M advisor Approximately 75% successfully transition to A&M as full-time students Financially beneficial for students Guaranteed admission is a strong attractor

7 Brazos Valley, serving Austin, West Texas, El Paso and Panhandle Corpus Christi Dallas, Fort Worth, serving East Texas Houston Laredo Rio Grande Valley San Antonio Brazos Valley Corpus Christi Houston Laredo Rio Grande Valley San Antonio Admissions Counselors and Financial Aid Counselors are available to provide you and your students with information. Dallas/Fort Worth Prospective Student Centers

8 Statewide recruiting centers Provide admission/financial aid counseling to students and families Focus on all area high schools; special focus on targeted and recruited schools Expand to include recruiting at area community colleges Transfers are important; we want to expand

9 Lessons: TEAM and PSCs PSCs are critical –Admission –Financial Aid –Academic Advising Articulation Agreements are important Guaranteed admission – great recruiting tool Financial Considerations –Lower cost of attendance at community colleges –Eligibility for scholarships at A&M is critical Targeted/Recruited high school model is effective

10 Pilot Program Launched Identify potential community college partners –Proximity to RPSCs –Objective criteria including measures of Faculty quality Associate degree production Number of students matriculating to A&M –Limit number to no more than two per PSC (pilot program now…could expand, if successful)

11 The First Step Identify potential A&M colleges/partners –Not all colleges able to participate, the ones who are: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences College of Education College of Engineering College of Geosciences College of Science Texas A&M University – Galveston Desire to admit additional transfer students Ability to develop a common set of all courses for most majors

12 Defining the Agreement Over-arching articulation agreement –Defines general terms of the agreement Automatic admission upon completion of –Agreed upon hours –Agreed upon courses –Agreed upon grades College specific addenda –Defines college specific course/hour requirements

13 Defining the Agreements Provisions for either partner institution to transfer courses to the other –Aids in Associate Degree completion Does not preclude other existing agreements Partner institution agrees to make available advising space for PSC staff on an agreed upon schedule

14 Status Identified and signed agreements with ten partner community colleges in December 2006 List of partners and degree plans can be found on-line at Expect first wave of admits this fall

15 Transfer Scholarships YearAppsAwardsAmount 2005548304$730K 2006806245$498K 2007971327$686K Financial Aid Initiatives: Educate students about the financial aid opportunities for them to attend A&M. Develop specific scholarships for partner schools. Scholarship campaign through foundation to assist transfer students – ie; first-generation initiative. Manage student indebtedness as they consider transferring. Leverage staff availability in local regions.

16 Summary Transfer students are a significant portion of A&M’s UG population Our transfer students success comparable to that of native students Use PSC model to expand recruitment at feeder community colleges around the state Five year history of Blinn Team demonstrates good articulation agreements work; especially guaranteed admission Identify scholarship resources once students are at A&M Objective: Meet needs of transfer students, community colleges, and A&M in the most cost effective, efficient manner

17 Thanks and Gig ‘Em Questions???

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