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Six Sigma Black Belt Project Information Prepared: July 20, 2004.

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1 Six Sigma Black Belt Project Information Prepared: July 20, 2004

2 Steering Committee z Identifies projects z Identifies black belts z Allocates resources z Monitors progress z Reviews effectiveness z Establish implementation strategy and policies

3 Steering Committee Expectations z Do you have a steering committee at your organization? z What is its expectations regarding six sigma?

4 Black Belt Responsibilities z After the project y See that documentation is completed and lessons captured y Monitor implementation if appropriate y See that control plan is handed off to Process Owner

5 “Contracting” Process z Establish mutual expectations between the project manager and the process owner. z Clarify roles and resources. z Identify the needs of the process owner. z Establish a follow up plan.

6 Customer/Client Requirements z Requirements are a want or need that is tied to expectations. z Satisfaction is a positive margin between what is expected and what is received. z Project manager is responsible for setting expectations. z Expectations must be converted to a measurable requirement.

7 Project Purpose z Why goals and project is important z Charter is vehicle for developing and communicating purpose z Written charter defines and clarifies the project.

8 Elements of a Charter z Problem Statement: Short description of the problem and why it should be worked. z Background: Summary of data collected during define stage. z Objective: Concise statement of project quantified goals.

9 Elements of a Charter z Output Measures: Presentation of metrics to be tracked for this project. z Boundaries: Clearly state the scope and limitations of the project. z Results: To be complete at the conclusion of the project. z Approvals:

10 Project Charter Includes  The business case  The problem statement  Project scope  Goals statement  Milestones  Roles and responsibilities of the project team

11 Project Charter Do’s Make problem statement specific Focus on observable symptoms Use Charter to set direction, goals Address project questions early

12 Project Charter Don’ts  Assign blame in problem statement  Set non-obtainable goals  Make the charter wordy

13 Business Case  Given to the team by the Leadership Council  Gives a broad definition of the issue  Gives rationale why this project is a key business priority  Compelling reason to commit resources

14 Problem Statement  Concise statement of the problem  Under what circumstances does problem occur  Extent of problem  Impact of problem  Opportunity if problem is eliminated

15 Project Scope  An important element in the charter  Sets boundaries on what’s included/excluded  Seek a balance  Viewed as a contract to avoid scope creep

16 Goal Statement  Specific  Measurable  Attainable  Relevant  Time bound

17 Milestones Indicates when and where the team should be in the process Set limits for other steps in DMAIIC process

18 Define Phase Do’s o Give equal attention to Service and Output requirements o Create clear goals and objectives o Measurable requirements are essential to understanding your customers

19 Define Phase Don’ts Fail to measure your performance against customer requirements Close your mind to new information Make new requirements your standard operating procedures (SOP)

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