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Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 Student Teaching Application Workshop.

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2 Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 Student Teaching Application Workshop

3 REQUIREMENTS 1.Complete all required academic and professional education courses. 2.Resolve any incomplete grades prior to student teaching. 3.Possess a major (or its equivalent) in a content area to qualify for certification. 4.Undergraduate minimum GPA: 2.75. Graduate minimum GPA: 3.00 with no more than six credits below a grade of B- Candidates must meet content major GPA requirement for graduation. 5.Passing score on the appropriate test(s) – Praxis II Subject Assessment test(s), ACTFL OPI (Spanish or Chinese), OPI and WPT (ESL) (if applicable). 6.If you have been convicted of a crime you may not be able to be certified. 7.You must apply and register for student teaching.

4 Application Process Complete the Student Teaching Application Print legibly and fill out the application in its entirety Print and attach your January 2013 WebAdvisor audit Prepare a resume (see model) Print three (3) copies of your resume on white bond paper Test Requirements MUST be met prior to student teaching – List test #(s), test date(s) and score(s) on your application. If you have not taken the required test(s) before the application deadline, please list an approximate or scheduled test date. Praxis II – Official scores MUST be reported to MU – code #2416 ACTFL – OPI (Spanish),OPI and WPT (ESL) – A copy MUST be submitted prior to student teaching Physiology and Hygiene Requirement – Verification MUST be confirmed prior to student teaching

5 The Placement Process 1.Applications are due the week of, January 21, 2013. The completed application form, WebAdvisor audit, resume (three copies), and Certificate of Eligibility (MAT students only - if applicable), Bursar Form (Undergrads only), and Suicide Prevention Training Certificate must be submitted to the Certification, Field Placements and School Partnerships Office, McAllan Hall, Room 112. 2.You must include your Praxis II and/or ACTFL OPI and WPT test information on your application form. Please indicate a scheduled test date if you have not already met the test requirements. 3.The Director of Field Placements will secure student teaching placements. Students should not contact a school district to request a placement. 3.Be sure our office has your correct address and phone number. You will be notified of your placement by mail. Arrange to meet with your cooperating teacher and the building principal as soon as possible.

6 4. The student teaching approval process requires multiple levels of decision making, including but not limited to: superintendent agreement to host a student teacher, school selection, teacher selection, school board approval, formal notification of placement to our office, and, finally, notification to our student teachers. 5. When a student teacher is not approved, we send a request to a second district. We can only activate one placement request at a time out of respect for the hosting school district’s internal process, as well as honoring the reciprocity process between Monmouth University and school districts.

7 Timeline for Receipt of Placement Some districts process placements for both fall and spring semesters soon after the requests are received. Other districts process placements separately for the fall and spring semesters. Placements may not be confirmed until just prior to the start of the semester.

8 YOU MUST REGISTER FOR STUDENT TEACHING! Submission of the application is for student teaching placement only.

9 Monmouth University Policy 1.National standards require that teacher candidates be placed in varied, diverse school settings.

10 2.Placements must match your program and certification (including endorsement) area. 3.Student Teaching should complete the final nine (9) credits of your academic program. Prior approval must be obtained to register for more than 12 credits during your student teaching semester.

11 A student teacher follows the calendar of the hosting school district throughout the semester – not the Monmouth University calendar. Student teachers must also attend required seminars during the semester

12 Reminder : You must apply for graduation, even if you do not plan to attend the ceremony. This should be done several months in advance through the Registrar’s Office.

13 Office of Certification, Field Placements and School Partnerships Location: Room 112 - McAllan HallOffice Hours: 8:45 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Dr. Lynn Romeo, Dean E-mail: Patricia Heaney, Director of Field Placements Phone: 732-263-5431 E-mail: Marta Jahn, Coordinator of Early Field Placements – Room MH109 Phone: 732-263-5798 E-mail: Christine Borlan, Credential Officer – Room MH110 Phone: 732-571-7558 E-mail: Renee Bell, Secretary Phone: 732-263-5473 E-mail:

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