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Introduction to Light.

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1 Introduction to Light

2 Sources of light What sources of light can you think of?
Can you distinguish between “luminous” and “non-luminous” objects? Which is the Sun? The Moon?

3 INCANDESCENCE Light caused by heating up a material lightbulbs
burning fuel

4 LUMINESCENCE Light from unheated objects
There are many different types …

5 fluorescence Light is emitted by substances when exposed to electromagnetic radiation More complicated: gas particles emit UV light, which make a phosphor emit light fluorescent lightbulbs

6 phosphorescence The ability to store energy from a source of light and then emit it slowly over a long period Like florescence, but slower glow-in-the-dark items

7 electric discharge Light is produced by passing electricity through the air or another gas lightning neon signs

8 chemiluminescence Light produced from a chemical reaction without a rise in temperature glow sticks luminol Bioluminescence is a natural form

9 nuclear fusion Light is released when hydrogen atoms are pressed together to form helium the sun!

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