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Wireless Solution Training for the (Enterprise) Carpeted Office February 2004 Tina Herrera

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1 Wireless Solution Training for the (Enterprise) Carpeted Office February 2004 Tina Herrera

2 Objective Enable the sales team to position and sell the business value proposition at the CXO level for broad “carpeted office” deployments of wireless networks.

3 The “Carpeted Office” Problems, Impacts, Wireless Solutions, and Benefits Part 1

4 Industry Needs “Carpeted office” is different because it targets a broad adoption of wireless LAN across an office environment Thus, key “industry” needs are general business needs: –Ubiquitous network/resource access –Increase responsiveness & improve productivity –Gain competitive advantage –React and adapt to changing business dynamics faster –Collaborate more effectively The Fear Factor: –Rogue deployments creating security problem –Get ahead of it

5 Drivers for WLAN It is already there (unauthorized) Shift from desktop to laptops in corporate environment Laptop manufacturers are embedding 802.11 End-users are demanding mobility

6 The Business Impact Mobility, a necessity for all workers Enabling workforce mobility can directly impact the top & bottom line: –Top line: increases revenue opportunity and creates competitive advantage through increased responsiveness, ability to adapt to quickly changing market conditions –Bottom line: decreases costs through increased productivity and reduction of adds/moves/changes Guest access enhances collaboration and saves time Proactive planning will make better use of assets and save time and resources

7 Wireless Solutions Help our Customers Business Applications for WLAN in the carpeted office: Enabling worker mobility (insertion) Guest networking (sell through BBSM) –extends the network to visitors and contractors to accomplish business critical tasks without sacrificing security Voice services via IP phones – e.g. Softphone and 7920 –All of the advantages of IP phones - now truly mobile (office anywhere) Mobile video conferencing, instant messaging – improve collaboration with partners, customers and other employees with mobile communication tools New wireless devices –wireless printers for hard to wire places and easy redeployment Between buildings - wireless bridging for cost-effective alternative to T-1 lines

8 Key Partners that Help Provide the Total Solution Cisco Compatible Extension (CCX) Partners - the key to “carpeted office” Enterprises, much like Cisco, will buy laptops with embedded wireless –IBM, Toshiba, Dell: laptops –HP: laptops, printers, PDAs AVVID Partners Funk, Interlink Other Solution Partners Airprism: remote device management Airmagnet: for site survey STI Intermec

9 Customer Benefits Increased responsiveness and productivity through extended connectivity: Wireless LANs enable end users to be connected an additional three and one half hours per day, which translates into a 27% productivity gain per person. Increases customer responsiveness Decreased costs Measurable impact on profitability Average annual ROI of $14,000 per employee based on cost savings and productivity gains Wireless networking allows for greater accuracy in everyday tasks Improves employee satisfaction-wireless is addictive

10 Case Study Customer problem: Barilla America, How to upgrade the network cost effectively to add new functionality and cut costs. Impact of problem: New building had difficult to wire areas and large collaboration rooms. It would be difficult for employees to run to their desks to access data when in these meeting rooms. Network access to visitors was also desired Total Cisco solution: IP telephony, foundation technology, and wireless LANs Benefit: Improved communications, increased efficiency, employee satisfaction, increased customer responsiveness, and decreased expenses

11 The Selling Approach for the “Carpeted Office” Part 2

12 Key Decision Makers Business Decision Maker (CXO) – must be shown the ROI (measurable & soft) and business-criticality of wireless applications which enhance productivity, customer responsiveness, and collaboration Technical Decision Maker (CTO, CIO, IT Dir) – must demonstrate security leadership, ease of implementation & management, and a solution which has minimal resource impact

13 High Impact Questions Business Decision Maker Questions: –What is the value of increasing your workforce’s ability to access resources & people real-time? –If you can increase each employee’s productivity by 27%, how would that change your business? –How can guest networking help reduce your bottom line?

14 High Impact Questions Technical Decision Maker Questions: –How do you handle potential rogue wireless LAN deployments? –How do you plan to implement a secure WLAN? –How important is reducing your ongoing management & operations costs for a wireless network? –Would you like a wireless solution that allows you to leverage the networking tools and skills you already have?

15 Value Proposition Enabling mobility allows companies to increase their top line revenue and reduce their expenses Cisco wireless solutions enable companies of all sizes to increase productivity, workgroup collaboration and responsiveness, by leveraging existing network infrastructure and securely extending access to employees whether they are at work, at home or on the road.

16 Tools You Can Use Cisco Wireless Bridge ROI Calculator: WLAN Productivity ROI tools Customer Wins Product Toolkit Cisco AVVID Solutions Partners Progams and Promotions: Wireless Integrated Networking Solutions (WINS) Lab: Wireless Competitive matrix petitive/

17 Ecosystem /wnbu/solutions/3rd_party/

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