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Kathrynne Wills C/O 2015.

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1 Kathrynne Wills C/O 2015

2 A little about me… Born in Visalia, CA My Dysfunctional Family:
Classically trained guitarist mother Homosexual father Half-Chinese, German, drone building brother Extroverted introvert Cellist, guitarist, singer, and actress Tulare County Symphony (2 years) LHS Honor Guitar Ensemble (3 years)

3 Clubs and Activities Clubs: Activities: Transferred from Visalia
Guitar Club (Honors) Drama Club Team Empower Activities: Lorraine Burtner Concerto Competition Youth Orchestras of Fresno CODA State Honor Orchestra Transferred from Visalia

4 Experiences and Interests
Homecoming Talent Show Plays: Sweeney Todd & Sympathy Jones Interests: World Music Folk/Acoustic Music Musical arrangement and songwriting Travel and Road-trips Writing

5 Job Shadow: Thomas Loewenheim
Professor of cello and conductor Knew him previously (YOOF) Free private lesson New college possibilities

6 Life Map

7 Sanity Quotes “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why they call it the present.” -Kung Foo Panda “And those who were seen dancing were considered insane by those who could not hear the music…” -Friedrich Nietzsche

8 Future Goals Top Schools: Colburn University CSU Fresno
CSU San Francisco Major: Cello performance/education or English Colburn University

9 Leaving Lindsay Current challenges: Eager and excited
Motivation Outgrowing my private teacher Eager and excited New phase of life Nervous and emotional Completely new phase of life

10 Thank you! Questions?

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