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Xantrex Product & XW Series

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1 Xantrex Product & XW Series
Installation Training

2 Agenda HES Overview Xantrex RE/Backup Power Markets Product Overview
Battery Based Solutions XW System Overview XW System Installation Wrap-up & Questions?

3 Home Energy Solutions

4 Xantrex RE/Backup Power Product Portfolio
Single Phase Grid Tie GT2.8 GT3.3 GT4.0 GT5.0 Battery Based Products Three Phase Grid Tie Trace Series C-Series Xantrex covers all Distributed Power application segments with a wide portfolio to service both residential, commercial and utility customers. For utility Backup Power applications, Xantrex offers a complete product range. From 500 watts for single critical load backup, to mid-range 2500 or 5000 watt units for multiple critical loads, to complete “whole house” solutions with automatic operation to keep all critical loads running smoothly in the event of a power outage, Xantrex has a product to fit almost any Backup power need. Wind and solar photovoltaic energies have emerged as commercially viable sources of distributed power in industrial and utility environments. Xantrex is a premier designer and manufacturer of 3-phase power conversion systems for wind turbine OEMs and solar photovoltaic systems integrators that range from 10kW to 1.5MW. The following Xantrex products are available: Solar Photovoltaics: Inverters for commercial and industrial scale grid-connected Photovoltaics from 10kW up to 500kW. Also Xantrex offers turn key solutions for solar applications up to 1000kW. For larger PV systems, any number of PV inverters can be paralleled at the point of utility connection. Wind power conversion systems for utility-scale: Xantrex offers custom OEM power system components to wind turbine designers and manufacturers for the development of reliable, cost-effective power conversion and control solutions. With experience in the control of singly-fed asynchronous, doubly-fed asynchronous and synchronous generators from a 10 kW to 1.5 MW rating Detailed background on Industrial & Utility Solar Photovoltaic: Product offering based on PV Series and GT Series are utility-interactive, three phase inverters from 10 kW to 500 kW. PV Series inverters transfer power between the DC output of a PV array to the AC utility. Xantrex established a North American standard as the first company to provide a standardized UL1741 listed three-phase PV inverter for use in light industrial/commercial applications. PV Series inverters are extremely efficient, operating at 96% efficiency at full rated power. They are equipped with automatic array optimization, peak power tracker, LCD display, and utility protection functions. UL listed models with 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 100, 225 kW power ratings are currently available. For utility "behind the fence" applications, Xantrex offers non-listed models with 150, 225 and 300 kW ratings. With focus on the international markets, Xantrex introduced during 2004 the new GT Series platform for Europe – the GT100E and the GT500E, 100kW and 500kW respectively. Detailed background on Industrial & Utility Wind Business: Production cost of wind-generated electrical energy has fallen dramatically in recent years. In many cases, rates are below conventional thermal power plants. As a result, demand for utility scale wind plants has increased. Worldwide wind power capacity exceeds 17,000 MW. More than half of this capacity was installed within the past three years. Xantrex power conversion technology takes part in providing more than 2,000 MW of energy created by variable speed wind turbines. Variable speed wind systems allow the speed of the wind turbine rotor to vary. They provide increased aerodynamic efficiency, greater energy capture, reduced mechanical and structural loading, power factor control, and other benefits that traditional constant and dual speed turbines cannot deliver. The most advanced wind machines are based on variable speed technology XW Series GT100 GT250 4

5 Xantrex XW Series The NEW Standard

6 Voice of the Customer SW/SWPLUS Strengths Surge performance
Great efficiency (> 94%) in low power (most used) range Over 15 years of field proven reliability SW/SWPLUS Weaknesses Out-dated design 34-52 step sine wave Communications do not meet today’s expectations Figuring out what’s needed for system installation is complex Depot repair, not field serviceable Basic charge controller, no Maximum Power Point Tracking Key customer requirements… Building block power levels with high efficiency and true sine wave output, parallelable to >30kW Surge capacity to start difficult loads like well pumps, refrigerator or A/C compressors High output, multistage charging to minimize charging time Easy to configure/install competitive $ per watt Networked components and accessories that talk to each other and integrate seamlessly together Ability to work with a wide range of generators, and eliminate 24/7 generator runtime Reliability, field serviceability & technical customer support Maximum Power Point Tracking to maximize PV harvest

7 Discover The Evolution
First there were inverters... ...just inverters Fuses were unheard of and welding cable was a luxury 7

8 Xantrex Power Panels 8

9 OutBack PS / FLEXware 9

10 Xantrex XW Series - the New Standard!

11 XW System – A Hybrid Solution
Designed for any application Off grid Grid or Gen Backup Grid Interactive with Battery Backup Two AC Sources Utility Grid &/or AC Generators Multiple DC Sources Photovoltaic (PV) Wind Hydro DC Generators Same model can be used for off-grid or grid-tie applications Certified to latest edition of UL1741 and CSA for Utility-Interactive Applications

12 System Approach Complete system solution
Indoor installations from 4 kW to 18 kW Manageable building blocks for simple, easy, field configuration and installation Clean, integrated system design SYSTEM SOLUTION = balance of system components were not an afterthought. components can be purchased separately but will integrate seamlessly together in a clean, professional manner 4 – 12kW systems are majority of residential systems Prewired distribution panel and conduit box ensures simple code compliant installations Design focus has been on performance, efficiency, ease of installation, and reliability 12

Reducing 130 SW/SWPLUS skus to 14 (initially) XW INVERTER/ CHARGER XW /240-60 MSRP = $4500 XW /240-60 MSRP = $3600 XW /240-60 MSRP = $3250 Plus… 230V/50Hz models XW-CONNECTION KIT FOR INV2 MSRP = $850 XW-POWER DISTRIBUTION PANEL MSRP = $1500

14 DC Breaker Master Packs GJ-250A with Stud Terminals

15 Xantrex XW System The Hybrid Inverter/Charger
Five minute timer before it starts operation.

16 XW Hybrid Inverter/Charger Features
120/240V split phase, sine wave output Eliminates need for stacking inverters or adding an extra transformer  simpler system design & lower cost Easily configurable for multi-unit installations Parallel up to 3 inverters for 18kW systems Best-in-class battery charging Highest charge current and efficiency XW6048 (100A, 89%), XW4548 (85A, 90%), XW4024(150A, 86%) OutBack’s charger: VFX3524 (85A), VFX3648 (45A, 87%) Minimizes recharge time (fuel costs) and prolongs battery life Grid and Generator Support Features Time-of-use, Peak load shaving Power large loads using both generator and inverter Same model can be used for off-grid or grid-tie applications OutBack’s charger: VFX3524 (85A), VFX3648 (45A) Eliminates potential safety issue when 16

17 True Sine Wave Output SW Series XW Series 34-52 Step sine wave
Grid quality output

18 Best-in-Class Surge Performance
200% of rated output power for 7 seconds Eg. XW / – L1-n: 105 Arms, L1-L2: 52 Arms OutBack’s 5s surge rating: VFX3524, VFX3648 (5000 W, 50 Arms) Full Digital Control regulates voltage from drooping during surge Sensitive electronic loads will not be dropped SWPlus5548 vs. XW6048 starting two 1hp air compressors: Vac = Vrms Vac = Vrms Power Factor Corrected Iac_L1-n = 124 Apk Iac_L1-n = 135 Apk

19 Best-in-Class Efficiency
Peak Efficiency 1975W CEC Efficiency 92.5% XW4024 and XW6048 listed on CEC’s “List of Eligible Inverters” Low Load efficiency is extremely important for off-grid users. Amp-hrs are very expensive.

20 Inverter/Charger Features
Inverter Information Panel Status At-A-Glance LED’s Battery “Fuel Gauge” 3 Character LCD display Output power (kW) Charging current (Amps) Fault Codes if fault present Equalize On/Off

21 Xantrex XW System Balance of System Components
Five minute timer before it starts operation.

22 XW-Power Distribution Panel
Includes AC/DC breakers and wiring for one XW Hybrid inverter/charger Innovative, extremely flexible Arctic Ultraflex BlueTM wiring is labeled, cut-to-length and ready to install Accommodates up to three XW Hybrid inverter/chargers and up to four charge controllers Includes mounting back plate and conduit box Designed for maximum installation flexibility List Price: $1,500 (Part number )

23 XW-Connection Kit DC connections and wiring AC connections and wiring
250 A DC Breaker 4/0 DC Arctic UltraFlex Blue™ wiring (+ & -) to inverter AC connections and wiring AC Input/Bypass Switch assembly 60 A AC breaker for inverter output 6AWG AC Arctic UltraFlex Blue™ wiring from inverter to breakers Conduit Box Sync & Xanbus cables List Price: $850 (Part number ) Includes everything to wire in 2nd inverter into Distribution Panel (p/n: ) 23

24 XW-Conduit Box Bare conduit box For systems larger than 2 inverters
To retrofit inverters into existing systems which may have AC/DC disconnects List Price: $250 (Part number ) (no wires) (p/n: ) price? Reminder for 2 inverters – order one PDP (comes with one conduit box and wiring, and one extension kit (conduit box and wiring 24

25 Xantrex XW System Solar Charge Controller
Five minute timer before it starts operation.

26 XW Solar Charge Controller
60 Amps Array voltage: Vbatt to 150Voc Battery voltage: 12 to 60VDC Dynamic maximum power point tracking Convection cooled, no derating <45°C Built-in PV Ground Fault Protection Xanbus™ Network Enabled 5-year standard warranty List Price: $650 (Part number ) On-line PV array sizing tool available at (p/n: ) Dynamic 3 level MPPT algorithm No mini-sweeps - to determine Vmp continually adjusts array voltage to ensure maximum energy harvest, even through rapid solar transients caused by clouds, etc. The OUTBACK MX60 stops harvesting in order to sweep array (every 2-10 minutes) for Vmp. Then it holds the array voltage at that voltage, regardless of transient solar conditions, until the next sweep no fan 12VDC output signal Can work on all battery based inverters/systesm? Outback – their mounting holes came from us

27 Array Sizing Select module Select system battery voltage
Select operating temperature Use absolute coldest day Use average hottest day Choose desired array configuration that matches charging requirements Ensure 150Voc limit is not exceeded on coldest day Ensure Vmp is not below battery voltage on hottest day 27

28 Xantrex XW System Communications & Networking
Five minute timer before it starts operation.

29 XW System Network Integrated network communications (Xanbus)
All networked components auto-detect and collaborate in real-time Allows for quicker configuration – custom settings can be copied from one unit to another Allows for better performance - charging cycles are automatically synchronized Provides aggregated system-level information No hub required, just standard Cat5 Ethernet cables Peripheral devices are powered off network (i.e. no wall-warts) Xanbus is not master-slave model, where master needs to know everything about slaves, regardless of whether they are connected. Devices can be autonomous with publish-subscribe model.

30 XW System Control Panel
Central user interface System Configuration System Monitoring Can be removed from system to prevent end-user tampering List Price: $300 (Part number ) Features: Graphical 128x64 pixel, backlit LCD screen Large, tactile keypad buttons Intuitive onscreen menu system (basic & advanced) Built-in flash memory Xanbus™ enabled No “hub” required Xanbus uses “publish – subscribe” networking model (not a master-slave model). Allows devices to auto-detect and collaborate in real-time. No need to buy separate boxes or cards. Devices can be autonomous with publish-subscribe model. No need for wall warts to power network devices – everything is powered off network 30

31 XW Automatic Generator Start
Intelligent power management Automatically activates generator to provide power to recharge depleted battery bank or assist with heavy loads Comprehensive customizable triggers Low battery voltage High inverter load Thermostat signal Exercise period Max run-time, quiet time Compatible with popular generators 2 or 3 wire start control No extra relays or adapters required Onan, Kohler, Westerbeke, Northern Lights, Generac, Honda, and Powertech List Price: $200 (part number ) Similar functionality to existing GSM for the SWPlus. Intelligent - Eliminates time spent monitoring battery bank and inverter loads. Will support almost all generators. Xanbus enabled. Uses battery information (voltage and current) from inverter or charge controllers to trigger generator starts/stops. Draws power off of the network cable. 31

32 XW Communication Gateway
Data logger for complete XW System 16 megabytes of storage Ethernet or wireless computer connectivity Energy reports by Included graphical monitoring software Monitoring on local computer or through internet Currently in field trials * Estimated availability: Q2 2008

33 XW System – Quality & Reliability
Five minute timer before it starts operation.

34 Design for Reliability
Air Flow Out Air Flow In Two compartments Sensitive electronics are sealed from the environment Heat generating components are in the cooling airflow Vertical form factor creates natural chimney effect fan remains off at lower power levels All sheetmetal is plated and powder coated The front compartment contains electrical boards (Interface board, EMI/Relay board, EMI filter A and EMI filter B boards, DC filter Board, Network board and control board.) The back compartment (airflow) contains heatsink and magnetics (Power transformer, power inductor and EMC chokes.) MAIN POINTS – No airflow is directed over the power electronic components THEREFORE less chance for field failures

35 Designed for Reliability
Using Insulated Metal Substrate in Power Bridge Assembly IMS is proven technology commonly found in motor drives Capacitors are widely distributed and load share to minimize stress Reliability Benefits Superior heat dissipation Low electrical impedance Efficient mechanical design Capacitors are distributed on DC Link Filter Board to keep traces b/w FETs and Caps as short as possible to minimize the parasitic inductance and associated switching losses. Lots of caps are used in order lower the thermal stress on each cap. If one cap fails, the unit will still remain operational. Expected failure mode is due to aging.

36 Designed and Tested For Reliability
HALT “Highly Accelerated Life Testing” XW / Limits Cold Step Stress -45C Hot Step Stress >+100C Rapid Thermal -35C to 60C/min XW-MPPT Limits Cold Step Stress -60C Rapid Thermal -50C to 60C/min Salt Fog Testing MTBF calculations “Mean Time Between Failure” >22 25˚C/77, 30% duty-cycle

37 Production Testing Burn-in & full functional test prior to shipment Done on every XW Inverter and Charge Controller before shipment to customer

38 XW System - Service & Warranty
Five minute timer before it starts operation.

39 Design for Serviceability
All 6 boards in inverter accessible from the front Fan accessible on bottom via removable grill

40 Service & Warranty Support
Standard Warranty - 5 years Optional extension to 10 years Xantrex Quick-Swap program Minimize dealer time spent managing warranty repair exchanges Return XW Charge Controller directly to Xantrex for exchange Board level replacements for XW Inverter to be positioned for quick response time $150 installer removal/re-installation/board swap fee payable to Energy Club Members for warrantable failures Customer Service Priority Line: Hours of operation: Monday to Friday 5:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (pacific time) CSR’s => 5 TSR’s=> 4 RE specialists Priority partner line = > specific line Xantrex Advantage Service Portals = piloting account specific service portal…used for support requests, troubleshooting flowcharts, tailored to the account’s business, RMA processing..can be customized to the customers service model 40

41 Xantrex XW Series System Installation

42 6kW Xantrex XW System with Solar
Qty Part No Description 1 XW /240-60 XW-POWER DISTRIBUTION PANEL XW-SYSTEM CONTROL PANEL XW-MPPT60-150 * BREAKER 80A, 125VDC, PANEL MOUNT, UL/CSA * BREAKER 60A, 160VDC, PANEL MOUNT, UL/CSA * Breakers supplied in Master Pack quantities. SYSTEM SOLUTION = balance of system components were not an afterthought. components can be purchased separately but will integrate seamlessly together in a clean, professional manner 4 – 12kW systems are majority of residential systems Prewired distribution panel and conduit box ensures simple code compliant installations Design focus has been on performance, efficiency, ease of installation, and reliability Comparable FLexware 500 System: ~16 skus; >20 separate components

43 System installation Step 1: Install the mounting plates
Step 2: Mount the Inverter Step 3: Mount the XW Power Distribution Panel & XW Conduit Box Step 4: Wire the Inverter Install Charge Controllers Connect communication/signal cables to their components

44 Step 1 – Installing the Mounting Plates
Mounting Plates are included with XW Inverters and XW-PDP Ensure first mounting plate is correct height and level Additional mounting plates interlock to adjacent ones Common mounting bracket included, Nests, side by side, on the wall, holes provided at 16"o.c saving time and money

45 Step 2 – Mounting the Inverter
Hang on bracket & secure with screws on top Common mounting bracket included, Nests, side by side, on the wall, holes provided at 16"o.c saving time and money

46 Step 3 – Mounting the XW-Power Distribution Panel and Conduit Box
Hang XW-PDP on bracket & secure with screws on top Secure XW-Conduit Box to bottom of inverter and to wall Note - Conduit Box IS included with XW-PDP! Common mounting bracket included, Nests, side by side, on the wall, holes provided at 16"o.c saving time and money

47 Step 4 – Wiring the Inverter
Route and connect communication cables Ground the Inverter Make DC connections Make AC connections All wires and breakers factory installed in XW-PDP Wiring is labeled, cut-to-length and ready to connect to inverter

48 Mount Charge Controllers onto XW-PDP
Remove appropriate knockouts Back the top side screw out ¼ inch Remove the lower screw Hang Charge Controller from keyhole slot on side of XW-PDP Replace lower screw by inserting through hole on inside of XW-PDP

49 Connecting the Xanbus™ Network Daisy Chain
Device sequence doesn’t matter Network terminator is required at each end of the daisy chain No hub required, just standard Cat5 Ethernet cables AGS and SCP can be mounted up to 130ft from inverter(s) and are powered off Xanbus™ network (i.e. no wall-warts)


51 Xantrex XW System Why Choose an XW System?

52 Product Differentiators
XW Inverter/Charger Outstanding Inverter Performance Low load and peak efficiency improvements over competition Continuous output power and surge improvements 120/240 Vac split phase output with dual AC inputs Utility interactive, same unit XW Solar Charge Controller Dynamic maximum power point tracking with no mini or full sweeps Integrated PV Ground Fault Protection Convection cooled - No fan to fail XW System Superior integrated system execution Very Quick and Easy to install Supports high power configurations Fewer pieces, less complexity, lower installed dealer cost Communications All components truly networked, no “hub” required Common settings shared between devices to facilitate system setup 5 year standard warranty on all XW components At least 2-3% more efficient inverting and charging across entire power range. Fully digital controlled so can regulate output voltage and current waveforms Utility interactive – all models will go on CEC list at full rated power, and 1-2% higher efficiency than Outback. Easy access from the front allows board swaps to be done while units are sitting on wall. 52

53 Distributor / Dealer / Installer Benefits
Less complexity - Systems will be easier to spec out and install Nesting wall brackets, pre-wired distribution panel, plug-n-play network… No need to order heavy power panels to reduce complexity Split-phase is built in! Lower parts count per system 12kW XW System = 5 components (Quad Stack = 15 skus, >20 components) More configurable and scalable for higher power levels without special accessories or custom engineering support Systems will be easier to forecast and inventory 12 XW SKUs vs. 51 SKUs associated with SW, SWPlus >100 OutBack SKUs 5 year standard warranty and improved ease of field service Multi-unit configurations without needing SWI, SWI/3PH, SWI/PAR, SWI/PAR/E DEALER BENEFITS – EASIER TO SPEC Fewer parts to spec – compare a 12kW XW system with two 6kW inverters, Power distribution panel, Connection kit for 2nd inverter, System control Panel = 5 components To an OUTBACK Quad Stack = 15 skus, components DEALER BENEFITS – EASIER TO INSTALL Nesting wall brackets, pre-wired distribution panel, plug-n-play network… No need to order heavy power panels to reduce installation complexity Split-phase is built in! 53

54 Thank You!

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