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Geography of Africa.

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1 Geography of Africa

2 Geography Africa is the second largest continent is the world. Africa has 54 countries. The largest country is Algeria. The largest was Sudan until July 9, 2011, when South Sudan became a country

3 Africa is divided into five regions:
North Africa (desert) West Africa( resources) East Africa(lakes) Central Africa(rainforest) South Africa (some desert)

4 The Sahara divides Africa into two parts:
North Africa Sub- Sahara (all countries south of the Sahara)

5 Major Climate Zones South of Sahara
desert-extremely dry, less than 10 inches of rain a year semiarid- more rainfall than desert , but still receives very little tropical-gets 70 inches of rain per year and temperatures average 80 degrees

6 Temperatures along the coast and the in the mountains are more moderate.
Highlands-cool climate and rich soil because of plentiful rainfall South Africa –temperatures can be cold during the winter

7 Rivers and Lakes Important because: Water source Food source Trade/travel

8 Rivers Nile River: starts in E. Burundi and flows north emptying into the Mediterranean Sea. world’s longest river. Nile flows over six cataracts on its way to sea

9 Rivers Congo River: largest river in western central Africa
flows through the second largest rain forest in the world

10 Rivers Niger River: principal river in western Africa
runs through Guinea, Mali, Niger, Benin and Nigeria significant water source for the city of Timbuktu

11 Lakes Lake Victoria largest lake in Africa
2nd largest fresh water lake in the world vital in supporting the millions of people that live nearby

12 Lakes Lake Tanganyika deepest lake in Africa located in central Africa
divided between Burundi, DRC, Tanzania, and Zambia

13 Deserts Sahara desert in northern Africa
covers almost 1/3 of the continent largest desert in the world

14 Deserts Kalahari desert in Southwestern Africa
not a “true” desert because it receives 3-10 inches of rain per year plants and animals are able to live in this desert due to an underground water supply

15 Mountains Atlas Mountains range stretches along the Northwestern part of Africa between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara desert

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