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Clothes. trousers jeans T-shirt shirt dress skirt.

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1 clothes

2 trousers jeans

3 T-shirt shirt

4 dress skirt

5 blouse shorts

6 raincoat wellingtons

7 hat scarf

8 jacket gloves

9 sandals flip-flops

10 trainers shoes

11 high-heel shoes hiking boots

12 Belt Watch Baseball cap

13 accessories Ring Earings beads


15 She’s wearing beige dress, beige boots and black tights (am. panty-hose)

16 He’s wearing yellow hoody and black jeans.

17 She’s wearing a navy-blue hat, sungalsses, a navy-blue cardigan, white baggy T-shirt, spotted blue and white leggings and brown suede boots.

18 She’s wearing: a red T-shirt, blue shorts, light yellow belt and high heel sandals

19 She’s wearing a black hat, grey fur coat, white dress and black high-heel cothurns.

20 He’s wearing white shirt, grey trousers and flip-flops.

21 She’s wearing a red top and frilly white and red spotted skirt and red shoes.

22 pink and black watch, yellow headphones, black top, pink sweat- shirt, white jeans, grey hat and yellow sneakrers.

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