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Educational Research Funding Opportunities W. Eryn Perry.

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1 Educational Research Funding Opportunities W. Eryn Perry

2 Classroom-Based Research AACOM & AOA Identification of best practices in teaching and assessment of the core competencies Novel curriculum development approaches that positively change learning outcomes Identification of strategies to encourage students to develop critical reasoning and problem solving skills Studies comparing the outcomes of student learning in inpatient and outpatient teaching / learning environments Impact of technology integration into the learning practice Methods of teaching unique to osteopathic medicine Institution-based research (decision-making and policy)

3 Classroom-Based Research National Board of Medical Examiners: Stemmler Medical Education Research Fund Program Goal: To fund innovative assessment methods in medical education or practice Professionalism Communication Skills Simulation technology Studies that improve theory, knowledge or practice of assessment of medical education Developmental or descriptive studies Effectiveness studies Clarification studies

4 Classroom-Based Research Arthur Vining Davis Foundation & Arnold P. Gold Foundation Curricular projects on communication skills, caring attitudes, compassionate care Curricular interventions Strong evaluation components Disseminated to other institutions Self sustaining Multi-institutional proposals are encouraged

5 Classroom-Based Research US Department of Education: Funding for Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) Program Innovative reforms in curriculum and instruction Improvement of postsecondary instruction and operations Retention and program completion Equal access to underrepresented students

6 STEM & Pipeline Programs National Science Foundation: Advancing Informal STEM Learning Evidence-based understanding of design and development of STEM learning experiences Provide multiple pathways for broadening access of STEM learning experiences Advance innovative research on, and assessment of, STEM learning in informal environments Projects supported: Pathway ProjectsService to Practice Innovations in DevelopmentBroad Implementation

7 STEM & Pipeline Programs American Educational Research Association Interdisciplinary teams studying STEM learning and/or student achievement in STEM Develop or benefit from new quantitative measures or methodological approaches for addressing educational issues Proposals must use data sets supported by federal agencies Projects must be related to science or mathematics education

8 STEM & Pipeline Programs Robert Wood Johnson Foundation WK Kellogg Foundation Honda Foundation Initiate pipeline programs to improve educational trajectory Develop successful STEM education practices Underserved populations / underrepresented minorities Develop base of evidence for quality improvement within current programs

9 Outreach & Service-based Programs Health Resources and Services Administration Expand health care delivery into rural areas and improve access to healthcare Conduct health screenings and health fairs, education and training, etc. Base projects on evidence-based or promising practice models Must demonstrate health outcomes and sustainability

10 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Program development and service demonstrations Health services research and evaluations Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation Improve education for care of underserved populations Emphasis on primary care WK Kellogg Foundation Increase access to care and improve quality of care for children – nationally and internationally Outreach & Service-based Programs

11 Gates Foundation: Global Health Initiatives Delivery of healthcare interventions Develop affordable and reliable new solutions Develop integrated health solutions Funds: Community health worker programs Information and communication systems Behavior change Nutrition programs Outreach & Service-based Programs

12 Patient Care & Quality Improvement AACOM Best practices in teaching and assessment of interprofessional competencies Identification in the unique features of OME Impact of technology integration Impact of interprofessional education

13 Arthur Vining Davis Foundation Arnold P. Gold Foundation Integrated approach to patient support Patient as partner on the healthcare team Effective methods of interprofessional education Link humanistic practices and patient outcomes Patient-centered perspectives Patient Care & Quality Improvement

14 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Training and fellowship programs Interprofessional collaboration WK Kellogg Foundation Development of model curricula towards providing primary health care to children Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation Interprofessional education and teamwork New models for clinical education Patient Care & Quality Improvement

15 National Institutes of Health: Innovative Programs to Enhance Research Training (IPERT) Creative and innovative educational activities to complement and enhance training to meet nation’s clinical research needs Program supports Short courses for skills development Academic development Enrichment activities Patient Care & Quality Improvement

16 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ): Demonstration and Dissemination Program Dissemination and implementation of a specified project concerning delivery of care Evidence to make health care safer, higher quality and more accessible Priority: Implement patient centered outcomes research (PCOR) Priorities include an interest in rural healthcare delivery. Patient Care & Quality Improvement

17 Final Thoughts Look for sponsors with a good fit (identify mission and priorities of sponsors) Make sure your research interests align closely with the program and agency/organization’s interests Research each program and determine how your vision can be crafted to match funding priorities Understand review criteria and process Get to know the program officer or grants manager Contact the Office of Research Administration!

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