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Cyberbullying By: Kayla Banks EDF 204 Spring 2015.

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1 Cyberbullying By: Kayla Banks EDF 204 Spring 2015

2 What is Cyberbullying?  The use of information technology to repeatedly harm or harass other people in a deliberate manner  Cell phones  Computers  Tablets  Social Media  Text messages  Chats  Websites

3 Statistics on Cyberbullying 2014  25 % of teenagers report that they have experienced repeated bullying via their cell phone or on the internet.  Over half (52 %) off young people report being cyber bullied.  Embarrassing or damaging photographs taken without the knowledge or consent of the subject has been reported by 11% of adolescents and teens.

4 Statistics on Cyberbullying 2014  Of the young people who reported cyber bullying incidents against them, one-third (33 %) of them reported that their bullies issued online threats.  Over half (55 %) of all teens who use social media have witnessed outright bullying via that medium.  An astounding 95 % of teens who witnessed bullying on social media report that others, like them, have ignored the behavior.

5 Statistics on Cyberbullying 2014  More than half of young people surveyed say that they never confide in their parents when cyber bullying happens to them.  Only one out of every six parents of adolescents and teens are even aware of the scope and intensity involved with cyber bullying.  More than 80 % of teens regularly use cell phones, making them the most popular form of technology and therefore a common medium for cyber bullying

6 Statistics on Cyberbullying 2014  Girls are at least as likely as boys to either be cyber bullies or to be targeted as cyber bullying victims.  Boys are more likely to be threatened by cyber bullies than girls.  Cyber bullying affects all races.

7 What Should I Do if My Child Is Bullied Online?  Reassure your child that you love and support him or her.  Help your child step away from the computer or device and take a break.  If you can identify the bully, consider talking with the parents.  Consider contacting your kid's school.  Empower your kid with specific steps he or she can take.

8 What Should Parents Tell Their Child If He/She Is Being Cyberbullied?  Reassure the bullying victim that they are not at fault for these attacks against them.  Encourage your children to talk to you if anybody says or does something online that makes them feel uncomfortable or threatened.  Encourage your child not to respond to cyberbullying.

9 How Do I Report Cyberbullying  Don’t respond to and don’t forward cyberbullying messages  Keep evidence of cyberbullying  Block the person who is cyberbullying  Report to schools (counselors, teachers, principals)  Report to online service providers  Report to law enforcement

10 What Should I Teach My Child About Safe Online Behavior?  Encourage them to safeguard passwords and to never post their address or whereabouts when out and about.  Establish rules about appropriate use of computers, cell phones, and other technology.  Encourage kids to think about who they want to see the information and pictures they post online.  Tell them to tell a parent/adult immediately if they feel that they are being bullied.

11 When Should Parents Intervene In A Cyberbullying Situation  As soon as you find out or feel that your child is being bullied online.  Some signs: o becomes upset, sad or angry during or after using the Internet or cell phone. o withdraws from family or friends. o expresses reluctance or refuses to participate in activities previously enjoyed. o has an unexplained decline in grades. o shows signs of depression or sadness.

12 Cyberbullying Resources    html?tracking=P_RelatedArticle html?tracking=P_RelatedArticle  bullying/definition/index.html bullying/definition/index.html

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