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MODULE 2: INSTALLING UNIDESK. Agenda Understanding Unidesk components Basic Installation of Unidesk Licensing.

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2 Agenda Understanding Unidesk components Basic Installation of Unidesk Licensing


4 Unidesk Components Management Appliance (MA) Master CachePoint (MCP) CachePoint (CP) – also Desktop CachePoint Desktop or Managed Machine (MM) VMware Infrastructure Components – ESX Server(s) – vCenter – Storage (local or SAN)

5 Management Appliance Linux virtual appliance Hosts Unidesk web interface Business logic web engine Configuration database for all Unidesk Acts a the traffic cop for all communications to and from Unidesk appliances and MMs

6 Master CachePoint First CachePoint deployed Maintains master copy of all OS and App layers in the Unidesk Environment Automatically replicates OS and App layers to secondary (desktop) CachePoints as needed Also manages Installation Machines used to create and version layers

7 Secondary (Desktop) CachePoints Responsible for initial deployment/creation of desktops Manages updates of desktop configurations (new layers, desktop hardware changes) Maintains a copy of any layer its managed desktops require Only 1 copy of each layer per CP


9 Location of Software & Tools Downloads!!! Hit the Unidesk download page Training and Document Center – Videos/how to’s – Install guides and support matrix – Solution guides for specific integration with third parties (like View, XenDesktop, etc) Support Page – SUBMIT A TICKET!


11 Installation Types Simple Installation – Quick no-mess install – Good for proofs of concept and evaluations – Single Datastore – Defaults to time settings to Eastern and basic server settings – Advanced settings must be configured later Advanced Installation – Production deployment or for those with Unidesk experience – Allows for storage tiering and multiple datastore selection during install – Customizable time zones and server settings

12 High-level Install Process UnideskInstaller.exe – Downloads to your desktop – Askes for configuration information for install Download and deployment of OVA templates – Templates are imported to vCenter – MA is powered on and configured – CP becomes a template – MCP is deployed from template and configured

13 Launching Installer.exe

14 Install now? Pre-download the software for later install Install now using one of two methods: – Download now – Previously download code Good for sites w/ slow internet connections

15 Storage Location (for install files)

16 Installation Type

17 vCenter Credentials

18 Unidesk Credentials Required for downloading code from Unidesk, these are your website login.

19 Hosts and Storage Screen

20 Management Appliance Settings Static IP recommended for all Appliances

21 CachePoint Settings Static IP recommended for all Appliances Two VM names here!


23 Key Install Tips Use static IPs for appliances even in the lab Know your vCenter credentials and have rights to the datacenter and root to import the appliances Know the storage you wish to use before install Create a vCenter folder for Unidesk machines


25 What types of installs are available from the Unidesk installer? Does the UnideskInstaller.exe actually contain the Unidesk software that will be installed? You have a site with slow internet connections and want to speed up installation, how could you do this? Is vCenter required for Unidesk installation?

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