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2012-2013 IIT: Supporting Staff and Students at PVMS.

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1 2012-2013 IIT: Supporting Staff and Students at PVMS

2 “Out with the old, in with the new!” No more KidTalk! (i.e., no more weekly meetings) All Howard County elementary and middle schools to have IIT (Instructional Intervention Teams) Directly relates to work being done with CFIP


4 SST IIT CFIP/Grade-Level Team CFIP Pairs Continuum of Support at PVMS FEW Students ALL Students SOME Students

5 Beliefs of IIT Presume competence for all learners and educators Critical arena for intervention is the student-teacher relationship within the classroom High quality, engaging instruction results in higher achievement Multiple data sources are used regularly to make decisions Focus is on ensuring instructional match between student, instruction, and task Teachers demonstrate professional responsibility when they seek assistance

6 Instructional Match Interaction between: Student’s background knowledge Level and type of instruction provided by the teacher Types of tasks being given to the student Student InstructionTask

7 Multiple Resources Available For most kids, you will have a match For some kids, you may need to adjust/reteach (CFIP) For a few kids, you may need assistance. Many supports available (MIST, RIST, team leader, content leader, mentor, administrator, etc.) IIT is also a resource and combines efforts of many people

8 Team Membership Administrator School psychologist (Team Facilitator) Grade-level teachers (one from each grade) Applied Academics teacher Reading Specialist Special education teacher Counselor(s) Alternative Education Coordinator BSAP Coordinator Other specialists/interventionists/staff

9 Goals of IIT Student outcomes: Students served by problem-solving teams will acquire skills to continuously improve toward achieving grade level or above outcomes Teacher outcomes: Teachers and team members who engage in problem solving will enhance their knowledge of instructional assessment and intervention implementation Non-evaluative Confidential

10 Problem-Solving Stages Initial meeting: Establish willingness to collaborate Problem identification: Concerns are made observable and measurable Instructional Assessment conducted to ensure that Instructional Match Goal Setting (Short, interim, long term goals) Intervention design, evaluation, monitoring


12 Meet Kristie (Dunloggin MS)

13 How do I request assistance? Meet according to your schedule Narrow down concerns Assess student skills and instructional match Help design strategies that will likely benefit other students as well Entire team meets every other week to address new referrals, support case managers, participate in ongoing PD


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