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UK NARIC Annual Conference 2008 English Language Requirements and Immigration The role of IELTS Carly Moulding, IELTS Stakeholder Relations Manager, British.

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1 UK NARIC Annual Conference 2008 English Language Requirements and Immigration The role of IELTS Carly Moulding, IELTS Stakeholder Relations Manager, British Council

2 The importance of language skills  English language proficiency – a necessary standard  Required by:  Employers  Professional registration bodies  Education institutions  Incorporated into the Points Based System (PBS)

3 What is IELTS?  International English Language Testing System  Jointly managed by the British Council, IDP:IELTS Australia and University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations  Designed to assess English language ability of people who intend to study or work where English is the language of communication

4 What is IELTS continued  Original four-skills English language test  Test of communicative proficiency in English  Over 1 million people rely on IELTS every year to access opportunities in study, careers and migration in the English-speaking world and beyond  6000+ recognising organisations worldwide

5 Test Administration  Tests administered at centres worldwide  More than 500 test centres in 121 countries  Full list available on  Up to 48 fixed test dates per year  Every effort made to cater for candidate special requirements  Results available 13 days after test  No restrictions on re-taking test

6 General or Academic IELTS?  Listening and speaking same for both, reading and writing differ  General  For immigration, vocational, secondary education, language training and work experience  Reading and writing questions assess survival skills in a broad social and educational context  Academic  For entry to University / College / professional registration  Reading and writing questions assess ability to study or train in medium of English at undergraduate or postgraduate level

7 Test format Listening 30 minutes, 4 sections, 40 items General Training Reading 60 minutes, 3 sections, 40 items Academic Reading 60 minutes, 3 sections, 40 items General Training Writing 60 minutes, 2 tasks Academic Writing 60 minutes, 2 tasks Speaking 11 - 14 minutes, 3 parts

8 Question Paper Development and Research  Backed by extensive programme of research, validation and test development  Test papers constructed over 6 stages  Writing and editing takes place in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK  Topics or language context which may introduce a bias against any group are avoided

9 Examining  Examiners are supported by the IELTS Professional Support Network - a system of recruitment, training, certification, standardisation and continuous monitoring to support examiners and ensure a high standard of expertise is maintained.

10 PBS language requirements Tier 1- Highly skilled worker category  General, entrepreneur, investor, post study worker  Applicant making initial application (general or entrepreneur) for entry clearance or leave to remain as a Tier 1 Migrant, must have 10 points for English language.  English language requirements may differ if you are:  extending existing Tier 1 application  extending existing permission to stay given under the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP)

11 How to achieve 10 points 3 ways to meet requirement:  be a national of a majority English speaking country on the UKBA list  hold a degree that was taught in English as confirmed by the UK NARIC database as equivalent to a UK Bachelors degree  Pass a UKBA approved English language test: IELTS score 6.5 (Academic or General)

12 PBS language requirements Tier 2 – skilled worker, sportsperson & Minister of Religion categories  Eligibility – job offer or sponsorship, certificate of sponsorship from UKBA licensed sponsor, points  Includes mandatory 10 points for English language  More basic level of English than Tier 1  Ability to understand and use familiar everyday expressions, basic phrases, be able to introduce self and others, and answer basic personal questions  IELTS score 4.5 currently

13 How to achieve 10 points  Same 3 ways as with Tier 1  IELTS accepted as approved English language test for Tier 2

14 Tier 2 – intra company transfers  Only need to demonstrate required English language skills if planning to stay in the UK beyond three years.  If so, same requirements as other Tier 2 categories

15 PBS language requirements Tier 4 – student category  Educational institution acts as sponsor of student and issues confirmation of acceptance for studies  Issued if institution believes student can complete the course  No English language requirement by UKBA – should be considered by institution before issuing certificate of acceptance  Currently education institutions require proof of English language proficiency before accepting international students anyway

16 How are IELTS results reported? 9 band scores: 9 – expert user 8 – very good user 7 – good user 6 – competent user 5 – modest user 4 – limited user 3 – extremely limited user 2 – intermittent user 1 – non user

17 Interpretation of results  Candidates can apply for re-marking (Enquiry On Results)  Candidates are issued one copy of the Test Report Form (TRF)  Candidates can request test centres to send their TRF to recognising organisations on their behalf  TRFs are valid for 2 years as they cannot be verified after that time

18 Security  Unique test for each test session administration  Test material production controls  Stock control and documentation  ID and candidate checks  Trained administrators, invigilators and examiners  Rigorous results procedures

19 TRF online verification service  The free, online IELTS Test Report Form verification service allows you to authenticate IELTS Test Report Forms in a quick, easy and reliable way.  Recognising organisations with access to the service can not carry out general searches of the data we hold; they can only search on a specific TRF number.

20 TRF Administrators and Users  Each registered organisation has a nominated TRF Administrator  Administrators have rights to be able to add their colleagues as Users of the service  All other rights are the same

21 Using TRF verification service  Log in and click on TRF Query  Enter applicant’s TRF number  Match or no match?  No match – send all TRF details to IELTS TRF VERIFICATION for investigation (  Older than 2 years can not be verified

22 Questions Thank you!

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