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How many passengers can be in the vehicle if the driver holds a Special Learners Permit?

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3 How many passengers can be in the vehicle if the driver holds a Special Learners Permit?

4 Any number of passengers from the same residence plus one additional person.

5 Altering a driver’s license, or showing an altered driver’s license may result in

6 A fine up to $1,000, up to 6 months imprisonment, and loss of your driving privilege.

7 Signals should be used when?

8 When changing lanes, when turning, and when slowing down.

9 If you come to a 4-way stop at the same time as another driver you must.

10 Yield to the driver on the right

11 Most warning signs are what shape?

12 Diamond

13 If you have a Provisional Driver License, how many non-household members can be in the car?

14 One

15 When parking uphill with a curb on your right, which way should the wheels be turned?

16 Turned to the left, away from the curb.

17 If your BAC is.05% the risk of you causing a motor vehicle collision.

18 Doubles

19 If a person has been drinking what is the only thing that can sober them up?

20 Time

21 Any address change must be reported to the DMV within what time period?

22 1 Week

23 If you are involved in a collision resulting in injury while driving privileges are suspended, you are subject to:

24 A fine, continued suspension of driving privileges and a mandatory jail sentence.

25 What are the driving hours for the Examination Permit(17 year old) or the Provisional License?

26 5:01 to 11

27 After only a couple drinks alcohol begins to impair.

28 Reaction time, coordination, balance, and judgment.

29 If the driver of a tractor trailer can not see you in his mirrors you are.

30 In the truck’s no zones or blind spots.

31 The speed limit in a residential area is what? Unless otherwise posted.

32 25 mph.

33 Driving under the influence of alcohol means.

34 That your senses and judgment are impaired by the alcohol.

35 When driving in city traffic you should.

36 Decrease your speed Watch for pedestrians Look at least 12 seconds ahead

37 Studded tires and chains can be used between what dates?

38 November 15 and April 1

39 When driving around curves you vehicle tends to.

40 Keep going straight.

41 Guide signs are what color?

42 Green

43 High beams are intended for what type of driving situations?

44 Open rural roads with no oncoming traffic.

45 At what speed will your vehicle hydroplane?

46 35 mph or more.

47 If your brakes give out what should you do?

48 Shift to a lower gear retest the brakes. Used the emergency brake.

49 At what position should a motorist grip the steering wheel?

50 9 and 3

51 What does the implied consent law mean?

52 You must submit to a breath test by an officer or a member of a hospital staff.

53 You may not park within how many feet of a fire hydrant?

54 10 feet

55 When moving to NJ from another state, you must have your vehicle inspected within how many days after registering it?

56 14 days

57 If you hold a validated GDL permit and are over 21 years old, what hourly restrictions apply?

58 No restrictions apply.

59 If your wheels drift onto the dirt shoulder of the road and you want to return to the paved road, you should?.

60 Slow down and slowly turn back onto the pavement

61 If a vehicle is passing you, you should:

62 Slow down so it is easier for the vehicle to complete the pass.

63 Every vehicle registered in NJ must be insured for?

64 Liability Insurance

65 How much is the fine for violation of the conditions of the GDL Permit or Provisional license?

66 $100.00

67 When approaching an uncontrolled intersection you should?

68 Always come to a full stop

69 What should you do if you miss your exit on the highway?

70 Go to the next exit

71 Head lights should be turned on from one half hour __________ sunset until one half hour _______ sunrise

72 After/before

73 How far should you park away from a stop sign?

74 50 ft

75 It is illegal to park more than ________ away from the curb

76 6 inches

77 To regain control in a skid what should you do?

78 Turn in the direction of the rear of the car is skidding

79 What are the four factors that affect your BAC?

80 Food eaten Weight The time you take to drink The amount you drink

81 What does BAC stand for ?

82 Blood Alcohol Concentration

83 If you lose your license for drunk driving or any other violation when can you drive ?

84 You cannot drive for any reason until the period of suspension ends and your license is restored.

85 If a person drinks at your home and gets in an accident you could be involved in what?

86 Law suit

87 What are the colors of the traffic light in order vertically?

88 Red Yellow Green

89 How long do you have to register and inspect an out of state vehicle

90 60 days

91 Who do you report a lost or stolen license to?

92 Police and MVC

93 Who long do you have to report a change of address

94 7 days

95 You ca pass a school bus that has stopped to pick up or let off students at what speed?

96 10 mph

97 What do seat belts prevent ?

98 Keep from being thrown from the car Keep from sliding off the seat Keep from hitting windshield

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