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1 Capacity Development for the Clean Development Mechanism CD/CDM Project Morocco Ali Agoumi National coordinator Bonn - SB18-June 2003 KINGDOM OF MOROCCO.

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1 1 Capacity Development for the Clean Development Mechanism CD/CDM Project Morocco Ali Agoumi National coordinator Bonn - SB18-June 2003 KINGDOM OF MOROCCO Ministry of Land use Management, Water and the Environment Secretariat of State for the Environment

2 2 CD for CDM project - Morocco zCDM Morocco activities 1998-2002 zCD/CDM Project :2003-2005 zCD/CDM Project activities 2003

3 3 CDM Morocco activities 1998-2002

4 4 zFramework Kyoto Protocol Ratification 2001 Designation of the National Authority 2002: Direction du Partenariat, de la cooperation et de la communication,Secretariat d’ etat chargé de l’ environment zCapacity Building 12 National Workshops 3 International workshops 1 NGO workshop

5 5 CDM Morocco activities 1998-2002 zStudies and projects Portfolio Study on national SD criteria for CDM projects Study on CC institutional arrangement; in particular for CDM activities Mitigation of GHG emissions study First Portfolio of projects ; Presentation at COP7 zProject holders and Investors Forum CDM Project from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia : January 2002 zMoroccan CDM Network December 2002

6 6 CD/CDM Project 2003-2005

7 7 CD/CDM Project :2003-2005 The project is the result of merging two projects aimed at preparing an appropriate framework for the development of CDM projects in Morocco UNDP Project aims at promoting a favourable environment to implement CDM 2003 UNEP project : CD for CDM supported by UNEP RISO Center (URC,Denmark). Funded by the Netherlands. Four regions: North Africa and Middle East ; Sub-Saharian Africa; Latin America;Asia 2003-2005 Morocco Egypt Jordan

8 8 CD/CDM Project :2003-2005 yObjectives  The promotion of a favourable environment for the implementation of the CDM;  Contribution to the development of national capacity for CDM implementation, and for accessing the international CDM market.

9 9 CD/CDM Project :2003-2005 zProject Focus  Development of a national strategy for effective implementation of the CDM;  Support in establishing an institutional and organizational framework for the CDM, in particular, the establishment of a Designated National Authority (DNA);  Development of national capacity to identify, formulate and secure financing of CDM projects;  Development and promotion of a portfolio of CDM projects.

10 10 CD/CDM Project :2003-2005 zExpected Results  A defined National Strategy and it’s implementation  A CDM National Authority operational in it’s organization and procedures  A National expertise capacitated to work along with the economics operators involved in CDM project design  An Economic Sector sensitized, interested and motivated by the CDM opportunities

11 11 CD/CDM Project :2003-2005 zExpected Results  International and National Investors informed and sensitive to Moroccan CDM potential  A CDM Project, Portfolio, diversified and attractive to investors.  A Moroccan CDM Web Site to inform the economic operators and investors of all CDM aspects in Morocco.  A number of projects submitted to the CDM Executive Board

12 12 CD/CDM Project 2003 Activities

13 13 CD/CDM Project 2003 Activities zCDM National Strategy xFormulation of the CDM Strategy and follow-up actions; xElaboration and Approval of national Sustainable development criteria for CDM projects ; xElaboration of a national CDM communication strategy ; xStudy on necessary reforms for attracting CDM investors to Morocco.

14 14 CD/CDM Project 2003 Activities zDNA Implementation Organization xEstablishment of the National CDM Council (N-CDM-C). Definition of its role and operating modalities; xEstablishment of the CDM Unit (CDM-U : acting as a permanent Secretary to the N-CDM-C). Definition of its role and organizational structure ; xDesignation of the N-CDM-C members and of the CDM-U staff. xDevelopment of the capacities of the DNA DNA

15 15 CD/CDM Project 2003 Activities zDNA Implementation PROCEDURES xEstablishment of national techniques and financial procedures for formulation, validation, execution and certification of CDM Projects by the DNA National Workshop, September 2003 xPreparation and adoption by the DNA of guidelines related to baseline determination for CDM Projects in Morocco National Workshop, October 2003

16 16 CD/CDM Project 2003 Activities zCapacity Building on CDM xEvaluation of the existing capacities and the needs to enhance them. Elaboration of a specific training programme addressing various target groups xElaboration of training material for each group xOrganisation of various WS : National Workshop, for the economic and finance operators December 2003-January 2004 xSupport MDP Morocco Network and the Publication of the bi-monthly electronic newsletter ECHOS MDP Morocco

17 17 CD/CDM Project 2003 Activities zDevelopment and promotion of a Moroccan CDM portfolio xOrganisation of a WS on the preparation of CDM Projects (PDD) WS (PDD) 1,3 July 2003 xDevelopment – validation of 3 CDM projects ; xResearch of different posssibilities for fianacing these projects  Design and implementation of a Moroccan CDM database and web site :

18 18 CD/CDM Project 2003 Activities 2003 activities are made possible with the technical support of :  UNEP RISO Center (URC, Denmark)  Regional coordination of the UNEP CDM Project (North Africa and Middle East) : APEX, Tunisia  Eco-Securities (The Netherlands) :

19 19 THANKS CD/CDM Project – Morocco Climate Change Unit Directorate of Partnership Communication and Cooperation Secretariat of State for the Environment 36 Avenue Al Abtal, Agdal Rabat- Morocco Tel/Fax 21237681759 ; GSM :21263721335 Email

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