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RTFDDA/CFDDA/E-RTFDDA Resources. Repositories –CVS –Data Sources Documentation & Useful Information –Internal –External –Mailing lists/aliases –Misc Web.

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2 Repositories –CVS –Data Sources Documentation & Useful Information –Internal –External –Mailing lists/aliases –Misc Web sites –MM working group

3 RTFDDA/CFDDA/E-RTFDDA Repositories - CVS CVS –Source Code All the compiled code that is used to run RTFDDA or CFDDA jobs apps/4dwx/RTFDDA/src –Scripts All the scripts used to run RTFDDA or CFDDA jobs apps/4dwx/RTFDDA/scripts Some project-unique scripts are checked in with the project-definition Data ingest scripts that run only on the data hosts are not here… Scripts are a bit more scattered, depending on function – the core is here, the “extras” are sometimes elsewhere in CVS –Templates A series of template scripts to help set up and configure a new job Model Manager framework only RTFDDA or CFDDA, MM5 or WRF –Project/Job definitions The job definition parameter files, submit-scripts, namelists, terrain files, etc needed to define a job or project configuration In CVS under projects/… such as: projects/4dwx/RTFDDA/GWDPG

4 RTFDDA/CFDDA/E-RTFDDA Repositories - Data Data - Real Time –Goals: Minimize data fetches from data providers to NCAR/RAL (or remote install site) for bandwidth and data-provider server performance issues Provide redundancy within reasonable cost/effort expenditure –NCAR/RAL RealTime data sources: All real time data feeds are initially ingested using two duplicate data ingest hosts, das-input1 and das-input2. These are physically separated machines (for redundancy during Computer room outages). Real time data is rsync’d by each Model Applications Cluster (MAC) from one of these data-ingest machines, with the data-pull script having a auto-failover to try the second machine if the first is not responding.

5 RTFDDA/CFDDA/E-RTFDDA Repositories - Data Data – Climatology –CFDDA jobs use datasets collected and processed by CISL (?) and stored on the NCAR-MSS. A copy of this dataset is kept on the MAC that is being used for CFDDA jobs (dtra-c2, smac-c2, ngic-c1) –Plans are in progress to implement a different data storage solution for these shared datasets so that copies are not needed, but data performance has no simple answer

6 Documentation Internal –Model Manager WIKI –RTFDDA operations (ATEC focus) External –WRF Users Guide tml tml –MM5 Website (including tutorial notes) –RIP4 users guide (plotting package) –NCL web page

7 Other resources Web sites –NCEP products tat tat –MADIS –PGI/WRF

8 Resources Mailing lists, MM working group –Ral-mail-list (archived, list-manager) – bin/mailman/listinfo/fdda-dev bin/mailman/listinfo/fdda-dev Model Manager working group –Meets Tuesdays at 11:00, RAL main conf room (2 nd floor) –All projects using RT/C/ERT-FDDA should have a representative attend the meetings –Any discussion of the infrastructure, or issues common to all projects will be discussed and decided within this meeting

9 Example System There is a convention for naming and finding RTFDDA output and webpages! –Where might the WSMR MM5 job output be found? A “job” generally refers to a configuration, which includes the geographic location, the cluster it’s running on, all the options selected, real-time or climo or case-study, ensemble or not,etc. Each job will generally produce some web graphics, and some status reports, and other optional output, depending on the configuration.

10 Sample Web Page output, showing various product choices

11 Cycle Time “Range” Output Valid Time Fcst Hours

12 Questions What cluster is this system running on? How many domains are configured? What is the typical forecast length produced? How often is it cycling? Is it running MM5 or WRF?

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