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6.30 Identify and locate on a map the geographic features of china.

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1 6.30 Identify and locate on a map the geographic features of china.

2 How have rivers, mountains, and deserts shaped the development of China’s civilization?

3 Huang He River Huang River means Yellow River. It stretches across China for more than 2,900 miles. It begins in China’s western mountains and flows to the PACIFIC Ocean. On its way, the Huang He cuts through thick layers of rich, yellow soil. This soil is called LOESS. The river carries away large amounts of loess and spreads it farther downstream. The yellow color of the soil in the river gives it the name.

4 China’s Sorrow * The rich soil helps farmers grow large amounts of food on small plots of land. * The Huang He valley became a great wheat- producing area. * This was a great benefit to the people of the Huang He valley.

5 Misfortune The Huang He often overflows its banks causing enormous floods. Since 600 BC, the Chinese have recorded more than 1,500 floods. These floods have taken millions of lives. The Chinese call the Huang He “China’s Sorrow” in honor of the people killed by the floods.

6 Chang Jiang River Also called the Yangtze River
This river provides rich soil for farming. Also called the Yangtze River Early farmers grew rice along the shores. Over time the people of China moved and settled near the Chang Jiang River. This river flows from east to west across central China. It is about 3,915 miles long. Only the Amazon in South America and the Nile in Africa are longer.

7 Mountains and Desert Himalaya Kunlan Shan and Tian Shan Gobi Desert
These towering mountains separate China from South Asia. These mountains slice through western China. This is a vast, rocky desert.

8 Barriers These rugged mountains and barren desert acted like walls around the country. These barriers limited contacts between China and other civilizations. The Chinese developed a unique culture and a strong sense of independence To them, it was the center of the world.

9 Let’s think about… 1. What’s the name of the desert on China’s northern border near Mongolia? 2. What effect did China’s mountains and deserts have on its early history? 3. How did rivers help civilization develop in China? 4. What geographic features isolated ancient China from other civilizations? 5. Explain why “China’s Sorrow” is an appropriate description of the Huang He?

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