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Let Them Hear You Roar – Promoting Your Lions Club Lion Erin Beck MD5M Public Relations 218-851-7267 1.

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1 Let Them Hear You Roar – Promoting Your Lions Club Lion Erin Beck MD5M Public Relations 218-851-7267 1

2 What we’re going to cover in this seminar: Who Are Lions Promoting Lionism Promoting Your Club Resources ▫From LCI ▫From the Multiple and District ▫Local Resources network/download.php?id=ctiD network/download.php?id=ctiD 2

3 Public Relations Creating and maintaining goodwill of an organization, usually through publicity and other forms of communication 3 Communications The act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc., to someone else

4 Communication Starts at Home Before you can tell other people about Lions and your Club ▫Make sure your members know about Lions  Do new members have an orientation?  The more the members know the more they can tell others ▫Keep Club members “in the know” about all projects 4

5 Club Communications How do you communicate within you club? ▫Newsletter ▫Phone Tree ▫Facebook ▫Website  Members’ Section ▫Twitter ▫Other Make sure all members know the same thing. 5

6 Personal Contact Your Club’s most important promoter! ▫Let Them Hear You Roar Tell friends, co-workers, etc. what Lions do. ▫Share your personal story – why you are a Lion Show people you are a Lion ▫Wear Lions’ shirts/vests on all projects ▫Wear your Lions’ pin 6

7 Tell People… ▫About the Lions organization  Always be ready with your 10-15 second elevator speech? ▫About your Club  What makes your club an asset to your community? 7

8 Key Messages Lions Clubs International is the world's largest service club organization, with a network of 1.35 million men and women in more than 207 countries and geographical locations. We serve where we live, as well as globally, and we have fun doing it. Though well known for its successful initiatives in vision health, Lions service is as diverse as its members. We meet all sorts of needs, from assisting the elderly to helping victims of natural disasters. Lions give 100 percent of donations to our causes. We cover all our costs through our dues. Lions make a difference everyday everywhere. Whether by organizing a pancake breakfast fundraiser or building a wheelchair ramp for someone in need, we are a hands- on organization. 8

9 Public Relations Chair(s) Club Newsletter (a separate club newsletter chair may be chosen) ▫Who included? Members, Zone Chair, District Governor and Vice-Governors, District PR chairs, …  Non-members? Businesses? ▫Email, paper, web, combo… – up to each club to determine what works for them ▫Are pictures included in the newsletter? People like pictures with captions. Who is assigned in your club to take pictures? ▫Send to…  Newsletter  Media – newspapers, etc.  District newsletter…website 9

10 Publicity Advertise your fundraisers ▫Let people know where the money goes Advertise your service Signs ▫Can people see you? ▫Can they see you are having a Lions’ events? ▫Are your signs in good condition? ▫Thank people for their support 10

11 Publicity… Contact newspapers, radio stations, and, possibly, TV stations for advertising ▫Look for all opportunities to make connections with the public  Suggest a specific story – give an interview  Submit pictures with captions already written Include who, what, where, when, why and/or how Club Website ▫Keep it up-to-date ▫List the address in your promotions ▫ – if you don’t have a site, may want to check 11

12 E-Clubhouse The club home page might look like this… 12

13 New users will need to fill out a form online ▫You will need…  Club Name  MD (5)  District (5M9)  Country  State  City  Club Number (get from secretary)  Club Address  Club Telephone  Club Email  Club Meeting Date and Time  Club Meeting Location  President’s Name  Webmaster Name (You?)  Webmaster Email LCI will need to approve the application and will send you information to proceed when approved. 13

14 Show Others What You Do Photos ▫Show Action ▫People Want to See Lions Doing Things ▫Recognition is important ▫Service is even more important  It is what Lions are about 14

15 Brochures Think about creating a brochure or card to tell others what Lions’ do ▫Design Your Own ▫Let Lions Clubs International help you.  Go to  Enter Public Relations in the Search Box Business card with info Bookmarks Take advantage of free promotional opportunities. 15

16 Use one event to get other info out Have brochures, cards, posters, etc. ▫At a fundraiser, let people know where there money goes Put info out, poster up announcing your next event or something about your club 16

17 17

18 Semi Customizable Brochure Available through LCI Website… Add Your Info Here Add Your Info Here Add Your Info Here In Word document, so you can make it yours! 18

19 Let Other Lions know what you do Remember to get the word out to other area Lions’ Clubs – you’d be surprised how many neighboring clubs will support you. 19

20 Let the District help you… Send event info to the District Newsletter/Publicity and Web/Tech Chairs. 20 Newsletter Stacy Kleinwachter Public Relations Sandy Carlson

21 21 Technology Dave Hollyoake

22 What is Social Media Two-way interactive communication The best-known social media websites are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. 22

23 Why should Lions Clubs use Social Media? Social media can be an extremely powerful means of communication. Social media is "Where the young people are!" 23

24 How do we reach those Young People? Create a Facebook page for your club. ▫Get all of your members and friends who are Facebook users to "like" your page. ▫Post all of your club events and activities on the page. Ask them how they want to communicate ▫Text? 24

25 Multiple District 5M Quarterly Newsletter – Lion’s Roar ▫Published September, December, March and June ▫Special International Convention issue ▫District Chairs should be sending notice/link to the 5M News in the same manner they do the District Newsletter ▫Club members receiving from the District should make sure it is getting to club members ▫Copies available 25

26 Acknowledgement and Thanks Acknowledge people ▫Remember to thank others for their donations, time, attendance, etc.  Those taking the time to attend a fundraiser  Those making donations  Those working an event  Etc., Etc. Etc. Say “Thank You” 26

27 Questions??? Ideas/Comments 27

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