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Angela Mussi Senior Director, Community Outreach.

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1 Angela Mussi Senior Director, Community Outreach

2 BORN LEARNING Did you know that by the time a child is 5, most of their brain is already developed? BORN LEARNING

3 THINK FAST, THEY DO Kids who start with a strong foundation have better outcomes.

4 Arizona Early Childhood System LANGUAGE SKILLS BEGIN AT BIRTH



7 Literacy Activity

8 SUCCESS STARTS EARLY The job of helping children succeed in school starts the day they’re born. SUCCESS STARTS EARLY

9 Family Support and Literacy Early Learning Children’s Health FIRST THINGS FIRST

10 Strong families are the building blocks of a strong society. STRENGTHENING FAMILIES

11 Everyone benefits when more kids arrive at school prepared to be successful. EARLY LEARNING

12 HEALTH Good health is the foundation for optimal child development.

13 70,364 Parent Kits distributed 19,492 children enrolled in Quality First centers 66,786 caregivers attended voluntary classes on topics such as parenting skills, child development, literacy and nutrition STATEWIDE IMPACT

14 Arizonans have a shared responsibility to help Arizona children grow up healthy and ready to succeed. EVERYBODY’S ISSUE

15 TAKE ACTION Contact us at community

16 Visit Sign up for e-news Invite us to share with others Attend a tour of an FTF-funded program Like us on Facebook GET INFORMED, GET ENGAGED

17 Angela Mussi Thank you.

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