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Judeo-Christian Tradition

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1 Judeo-Christian Tradition
Prologue Section 2 Essential Question: How did Judaism and Christianity influence western political thought?

2 Judaism and Christianity (Western World’s two first monotheistic religions)
1) Define Monotheism and explain 2 ways Judaism was different from previous religions of the time. 2) Explain 2 reasons why people were attracted to Christianity. 3) Explain why Rome feared Christianity and later helped Christianity. 4) Explain how the ideas of Christianity and Judaism are reflected in American society and politics today.

3 Judaism – The Jewish Religion
Torah- Jewish bible (Old Testament- story in the bible before the birth of Jesus is based on Torah) Abraham- founder of Jews (2000BC), moved followers to Canaan (Israel) Both Christian and Islamic ideas and beliefs began with Judaism

4 Beliefs of Judaism Monotheism - belief in one god
Morality - based on living a good life (not sacrifice and rituals to honor a god) Old Testament - People are created in god’s image, each person has a divine spark and is therefore special

5 Jewish Laws Teach Morality
Jewish law teaches morality Ten Commandments- based on morality, even leaders had to follow the commandments Law is the same for everyone Prophets (700 BC) messengers from god, said life on earth could be improved *Similar to American dream **Jewish laws are the basis of Christianity

6 Jewish Laws Teach Morality
Explain how 1 Commandment is still evident in our society today and explain why? Explain why one commandment is no longer valid and explain why?

7 Christianity Christianity- Rome ruled the holy land when Jesus was born Jesus- “born 6-4 BC, he was a Roman subject and a Jew, began preaching at 30 years old” Jewish ideas (preached by Jesus) monotheism and Ten Commandments Christianity emphasized God’s personal relationship with each human being

8 Jesus – “King of the Jews”
Rome feared Jesus could be a political threat Jesus said people should not follow Rome’s laws and religion based on Greek God’s, but God’s laws Rome had Jesus killed by Crucifixion at 33 years old Christos- Greek word for “Messiah” or savior *Christos = Christianity Analyze why Rome found Jesus to be a threat by preaching each person had a special relationship with God and that each person was important before God?

9 Teachings of Jesus Teachings of Jesus- Spread slowly across Europe Paul- spread Christianity by saying it is a universal religion for all people Stressed equality of all human beings and idea all people can be saved Equality the basis of democracy and the US

10 Christianity Spreads in Rome
Rome was against Christianity at first Fed Christians to lions at Gladiator events for entertainment Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire in 380 AD Helped spread Christianity around Europe Christianity now the main religion of Europe until the present

11 Islam Monotheistic Taught equality of all persons
Based on the teachings of Muhammad (prophet) Believed in charity, community and unity Allah Quran / Koran

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