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Assistive Technology and Learning Disabilities Megan Brady.

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1 Assistive Technology and Learning Disabilities Megan Brady

2 Students Learning  For children with disabilities it is important for us as teachers to accommodate for them. We can do this by creating an IEP, or an “Individualized education plan”. By creating the IEP we will be able to personalize the students learning by creating goals and provide special support so that they can succeed.

3 Students Learning  Another way that we can further students learning with disabilities is not only give them one on one time but involve them in an inclusion setting, this means that the students with special needs and the student without special needs are working together, although some activities may be modified to better some students needs.

4 Students Learning  Students with disabilities also will be involved in a least restrictive environment, meaning that all students that are disabled have the same opportunities that students that are not disabled. They will be taught with non disabled students and have the ability to use the general education curriculum.

5 Attention Deficit Disorder  ADD influences academics because these children are easily distracted or have trouble not shouting out in class which can lead to difficulty in learning for themselves and other learners.  For children with ADD to learn better we must make learning enjoyable. An example for reading would be acting out the story in a book that way the child hears what you are saying but also has actions to support the story as well. Or with math you could draw pictures to illustrate the problems or use a manipulative.

6 Dyslexia  Students with dyslexia will a lot of the time have trouble reading or it may take them longer to read.  To help these students is something called “Dragon Naturally Speaking”. This is an interesting program because the students are able to dictate your ideas while your computer types them for you simultaneously. This way you can see what you are saying in words on the screen.

7 Visually Impaired Students  As a visually impaired student they will more than likely need another form of text other than a general book.  An assistive technology that could help them would be an optical character recognition system. This can scan the printed material in a book and read the text aloud to the students.

8  Assistive technology can help a student with special needs learning tremendously. This could turn their educational experience around. This information allowed me to see that I need to have access to as much assistive technology as I can in my classroom so that students feel like they can be comfortable learning in my classroom.

9  It is important to have access to assistive technology in the classroom so that every type of learner is able to learn. If a school didn’t have the correct assistive technology it could set back a students learning to the point where they feel as if they cannot learn.

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