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CIAO Columbia International Affairs Online A Wealth of Information in International Affairs.

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1 CIAO Columbia International Affairs Online A Wealth of Information in International Affairs

2 Using CIAO This tutorial explains how to use CIAO to find scholarly resources. The following slides begin with CIAO’s home page, then search functions, then follow the links on the menu on the left side of this welcome screen.

3 CIAO’s Home Page CIAO’s home page include features such as current international events, the search link, the latest featured content, and help access. This page allows the user to quickly browse through resources based on the most current events, as well as quickly get a sense of the current status of the global political, economic, and social environment.

4 Using the Search Function in CIAO Enter search term Gender Studies in Africa - 1,610 journal articles and papers come up. Also notice related searches on the left.

5 Advanced Search Using the Advanced Search tools will make your search more specific towards your topic.

6 Narrowing your search With all of the words – find articles that include all of the words Gender, Studies, Africa. With the exact phrase – limits your search to articles with the exact phrase “Gender Studies in Africa,” or any other phrase you enter. With at least one of the words – Expands your search to articles that include any of the words Gender, Studies, Africa, or any other terms you enter. Without the words – Enter a term you don’t want included. If you wanted to search for Gender Studies in Africa but not in South Africa, enter South Africa here.

7 Using Subject Search Subject – Use the subject search function to find articles that are written specifically on your topic. See the next slide for more information.

8 Using Subject Search 2 Subject Search – Entering Gender Studies in Africa did not bring up any articles. Entering Gender in the Subject Search brought up these articles. Also notice to the right of the screen – no narrowing of this topic is possible. Subject searches are very specific.

9 Narrowing your search Author – Use to find an article by a specific author, particularly if you found a great source in the citation of another source. Type – Select a specific type of source, such as working papers or journal articles Region – Select a specific region of the world – this would be the best place to put in Africa or specific country Publication date and Or year and month – Limit results to specific dates if necessary

10 Working papers The working papers section is organized by research institute. Click on the institution of choice to see what papers they have contributed. Most are organized by region; for example, the first two are based in Africa.

11 Journals Use the journals page to click on journal titles. Full text articles are available and indicated with an asterisk.

12 Books Books are listed by publisher. Click on publisher titles to find books written on various international affairs topics. In most cases, title, author, and date of publication are listed.

13 Policy Briefs Policy briefs are listed by organization. Click on each organization to find their respective policy brief, listed by title, author, and date. Each page also lists a description of the organization’s mission and their website.

14 Case Studies Case studies are written by scholars in their respective fields about various events throughout history. Search through these for in-depth analysis of a major event of relevance to your topic. The author, organization, and date of publication are listed, as well as what journal the case study appears in.

15 Course Packs and Syllabi Course packs and syllabi are organized by current issues. Each issue page lists various major resources on those issues, and can be used as a starting point for research. Title, author, brief description, and journal title for journal articles are listed.

16 Videos Videos are organized by institution. Each institution’s page lists their mission, video contributors and publication date, and additional materials associated with the subject of the video.

17 What’s New The what’s new page shows the very latest publications on international affairs topics, organized by institution. For long term projects, monthly e-mail updates are available.

18 Atlas The atlas feature is organized by each region of the globe. Click on a country to find basic facts, such as politics, economy, demographics, and geographical details.

19 Administrative Details The about page displays details about CIAO’s staff, advisory board, subscription information, and terms & conditions. Remote access provides information on access to CIAO. Subscribe page lists details on how to subscribe to CIAO. Access help provides an opportunity for users to submit technical questions.

20 Guided Tour For more information on how to take advantage of the resources CIAO has to offer, click on the guided tutorial at the bottom of the home page.

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