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School Safety Staff / Students / Visitors

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1 School Safety Staff / Students / Visitors
Gary Chester District 300 Safety Officer Office:

2 Expectations

3 School Safety District 300
Consistency Partnerships Training Safety Procedures

4 District-Wide Consistency
Terminology Safety Procedures – Protective Actions Crisis Management Staff Training Police & Fire Response to our Schools

5 Partnerships – Law Enforcement
11 Police Agencies Service D-300 4 Emergency Dispatch Centers Law Enforcement Summit with Schools Police / 911 Centers / CUSD 300 Inform law enforcement of school staff response to a violent intruder in our schools – what we train our staff to do in a crisis event Discuss police response to our schools and how they train their officers to crisis response in our schools – Rapid Deployment Tactics Discuss mutual aid and response – multiple police agencies Established contact points between police and schools Police participation with all schools during our lockdown drills

6 Partnerships – Fire Service
6 Fire District Agencies Service D-300 4 Emergency Dispatch Centers Fire Department Summit with Schools Fire / 911 Centers / CUSD 300 Inform fire service of school staff response to a violent intruder in our schools – what we train our staff to do in a crisis event – fire/tornado/violence Discuss fire response to our schools during a crisis event; fire suppression, medical response and mass casualty deployment Discuss fire mutual aid and police response in violent events Established contact points between fire and schools Fire participation with all schools during our fire drills

7 TRAINING Training our school staff: (every year/school/staff)
Crisis Response: fire/toxic building, weather emergencies and violence in the schools. Protective actions in the school and in the classroom Crisis Response : physical and psychological response for educators Full Time Staff of all 26 schools (teachers/administrators/support) Induction Academy – (new employees) Substitute Teachers – required training (1,000+ trained) Bus Drivers Food Service Staff Secretarial Office Staff of each building

8 School Emergency Man-Made Natural Shootings Violent Acts Terrorism
Disaster Man-Made Event Shootings Violent Acts Terrorism Protective Action Shelter in Place Lockdown Disaster Natural Event Tornado Storms Fire Protective Action Tornado Drill Fire Drill

Illinois law and district policy requires each school to conduct a specific number and type of drill each school year: 3 Fire Drills 1 Severe Weather/Tornado Drill 1 Bus Evacuation Drill 2 Lockdown Drills

Fire drill procedure is a means of evacuating the building in a quick and orderly manner. When events require the immediate evacuation of the building, the fire drill procedure will be used to accomplish that evacuation. (Fire...Gas Leak…Bomb Threat…Toxic Building) Building evacuation plans include the immediate evacuation to STAGING AREAS outside of the building. Each classroom has a map directing the classroom to its designated STAGING AREA

11 Tornado / Severe Weather Drill
Severe Weather can pose danger to the school population Most frequent concern is a Tornado Protective actions are to move the students to predetermined shelter areas in the building to protect them during severe weather Each classroom has a map directing the classroom to its designated SHELTER AREA

12 Joplin High School - Hallway

13 (the building is in state of heightened security)
Shelter in Place Protective action to give tighter security to the building and the school population (the building is in state of heightened security) Threat to the school is NOT immediate Shelter-In-Place procedures may be utilized in response to events that occur outside of the school building that could be dangerous: Hazardous material spill, chemical or biological release Gas leak, explosions, aircraft accident Criminal event

14 Lockdown – Secures the Classroom
Protective Action Violence

15 Lockdown and Crisis Management
What is a Lockdown? Protective actions taken to make the school and classrooms safer Locking down the classrooms…protecting our students against the harm of violence When do we use a Lockdown? (Violent threat on campus) Whenever a person is identified as causing harm or posing a significant threat to others Safety of the School Population is in Jeopardy Threat to the school IS immediate

16 Lockdown and Crisis Management
Lockdown Readiness Prepare, Plan and Practice for the worse case scenario Violence within the school Why Lockdowns? Secure our school / Secure our classrooms When the violent threat, staff and students are in the school……… without police intervention. Until the Police Arrive to Confront the Threat

17 Lockdown Concept violence (actual or threat of) on campus
building occupants to lock themselves away...if possible place as many physical barriers between us and the violent quickly as possible hide from view of the aggressor leave the building if it is unsafe until police arrive to neutralize the threat

18 Parent/Child Reunification
If a building becomes dangerous, a crime scene or uninhabitable the school population may be transported to one of the high schools Depending on the situation and type of event Parents will be notified by the Rapid Communication System The high schools are designated reunification centers Reunification Center: Location where parents are reunified with their child

19 Sandy Hook Elementary – Newtown Connecticut
armed attack....difficult if not impossible to prevent shooter forcefully entered school entered office area principal activated PA system no formal lockdown announcement was made open PA system – staff heard the conflict over the speakers...staff started to take lockdown actions shooter moved into school, attempted to open doors, if classroom door was locked, moved on to other doors

20 School Safety nothing…. absolutely nothing… is more important than the safety of our children

21 Will it happen in your child's school?
schools are still the safest place to be however… for our students and staff we have to prepare for the unthinkable


23 Safe School Parent Information Meeting
Gary Chester District 300 Safety Officer Office:

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