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Allamakee Substance Abuse Prevention

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1 Allamakee Substance Abuse Prevention

2 Origin of Methamphetamines
“Nazi method” cook used by the Nazi’s during world war II. Utilized as a stimulant for soldiers. Prior to 1989 in southwest United States with “outlaw” motorcycle gangs. Into Midwest in early 1990’s increased cooks in clandestine “kitchen” labs. Ingredients easily accessed . Finished product produced quickly – about 3 hours.

3 METHAMPHETAMINE “Powder” “Ice” “Glass” “Crank” “Speed” “Crystal”

4 Why Methamphetamine? Easy to make! Easy to get necessary ingredients
HUGE profit margin $ worth of chemicals easily makes $ worth of dope or more Cheaper, Longer High

5 Equipment Use Pyrex or Corning Dishes Jugs/Mason Jars
Bottles (20oz. Soda) Coffee Filters Blender Rubber Tubing Paper Towels Rubber Gloves Gas Cans Tape/Claps Hotplate Strainer Aluminum Foil Propane Cylinder Books on How to Make Meth

6 Major Components of Meth
“Nazi” Method Ephedrine or pseudoephedrine Anhydrous ammonia Ethyl ether Sulfuric acid (“Liquid Fire”) HCl gas (sulfuric acid & rock salt) Sodium metal/lithium

7 METH USERS How they use Snort it – Burns Lining of Nostrils
“No Rush” Smoke it – Highly Addictive Heat and Inhale Vapor, “Rush” Shoot it - Highly Addictive Share Needles, “Rush” Orally Ingested – Swallowed, Bitter Taste

8 Why Meth is so Additive! Effects the dopamine in the brain
Drains the brain of it Replaces the pleasure feelings Can be depressed for 2 to 5 years when trying to quit

9 METHAMPHETAMINE Psychological Effects Irritability Anxiety
Hallucinations Paranoia Cognitive impairment Aggressiveness Depression

10 METHAMPHETAMINE Behavioral Signs
Insomnia/ Long periods without sleeping or eating Extreme hyperactivity Change in attitude or personality Changes in friends or hiding of associates Change in activities Drop in performance Loss of interest in family

11 METHAMPHETAMINE Physical Signs Strange smell (urine-like)
Difficulty in paying attention Tremors or shakes Skin sores Teeth decay Extreme weight loss Not being able to sleep











22 Meth Facts For every pound of “meth” manufactured – 5 to 6 pounds of toxic waste is created Not uncommon for “meth” users to be awake for as many as 14 days 70% of users will never seek treatment on their own, unless law enforcement has intervened Of those seeking treatment, 95% will return to using “meth” within 6 months of treatment

23 Putting An End To Meth The Allamakee County Sheriff’s Office
& Allamakee Substance Abuse Prevention Thanks You For Your Assistance and Concern In Fighting Meth in Iowa For Questions or Concerns Please Contact Allamakee County Sheriff’s Office (563) Allamakee Substance Abuse Prevention (563) Information Courtesy of : NORTHEAST IOWA DRUG TASK FORCE

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