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THE INDIA/ NORWAY VIEW OF YOUNG WELDERS AT THE IPN CONFERENCE Local Economic Development and Youth Employment.

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1 THE INDIA/ NORWAY VIEW OF YOUNG WELDERS AT THE IPN CONFERENCE Local Economic Development and Youth Employment

2 A number of recent reports and documents Africa’s response to the youth employment crisis: regional report. March-May 2012 Partnerships for Education; Building the foundations of a green, prosperous and equitable global economy. International Business Leaders Forum. Working draft. June 2012 Youth Employment: Youth Perspectives on the pursuit of work in changing times. UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) 2011 The Integrated Youth Development Strategy of South Africa 2012 – 2016 Education and Youth Unemployment in South Africa (2008)Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit

3 Framework Some opening remarks Extracts from the ILO report Some concluding thoughts

4 Why un-employment? We know that most of the current economic turbulence is linked to the global economic collapse Why can’t communities take care of their own? We know there is a close correlation between social cohesion, economic inclusion and social behaviors. (inequity, status, gender, conflict) Statistically African youth unemployment is at least double of that of adults. How serious are the players in times of poor governance and endemic corruption?

5 The capacity to absorb people in productive work What can nations and communities do to absorb people in productive work? How do we think about alignment between youth and engagement in productive work? Is alignment between demographics and employment a universal law or an unjustified expectation ?

6 Local Economic Development LED is intended to be a process which promotes policy and resources geared towards an environment in which expanded and new job opportunities are more likely. Key words are enabling mechanisms, integration, networks, partnerships, innovation, entrepreneurship.

7 The School to Work Transition (p 7) The ILO Document, under the heading “preparedness for the school to work transition lists…” Weak labour market and youth employment information systems to track the issues and best practices Lack of relevant and sufficient numbers of accessible well-equipped vocational, professional and educational training institutions to supports youth integration into the economy Tertiary education is eminently biased towards academics and preparing students for formal sector jobs

8 continued There is a shortage of school to work career counseling guidance and role modeling services Lack of access to relevant entrepreneurship training, technology, credit and finances in both urban and rural contexts and huge disincentives for youth to engage in business Weak public-private partnerships have led to a general lack of work placement, internship and apprenticeship opportunities to ease the school to work transition

9 Youth Participation (p8) Youth today have acquired reputations for having a poor work ethic and attitude which further disadvantages them from being hired or considered equal partners in decision making There is a lack of platforms and spaces for youth to voice and participate in national decision making regarding their needs and interests in employment.

10 The Way Forward (p 18) Develop a comprehensive integrated national approach Create national policies to promote business and entrepreneurship Develop information systems, monitoring and evaluation, measuring results Reform and revitalize national education systems

11 continued Foster entrepreneurship, life skills and strong work ethics Strengthen and raise awareness of youth specific social protection Strengthen employment centred macro-economic policy initiatives Strengthen multi-stakeholder co-ordination and support

12 Some thoughts The challenge is a huge one. It is multi-facetted, growing and mutating. The world is in constants motion. Doing the same old things and expecting different results is an exercise in futility. Work with identity, competency and agency as the key constructs of education for all ages. Understand and work with the inter-generational landscape. Sustainability on planet earth is a real issue. However, sustainability is complex, not linear. Having good clean multi-perspective knowledge is a very good idea.

13 continued Planning is another good idea but use planning as a pathway not a trap. Re-evaluate progress, process and environment continually as part of a strategic conversation Build connective networks Learn from what’s working but use your critical faculties Invest judiciously using good business principles







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