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An Introduction to. What is a Family?  You try to define it now…

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1 An Introduction to

2 What is a Family?  You try to define it now…

3 Is this a family?

4 What about this?

5 And this…?

6 Or…?

7 And…?

8 What about these folks?

9 What is a Family…  In truth there is more than one definition of a “family”.  Usually laws that are made specifically define the type of family being referenced, e.g. “Single Family Home…”  Turn to page 359 and ponder questions d, e, f. Be ready to discuss your thoughts.

10 Most of what you do is private!  Most personal interactions between family members are private, meaning that the government cannot interfere.  However, there are some reasons why government might get involved, or pass laws that affect families.  Take five minutes and brainstorm a few!

11 Family Terms  Nuclear Family: Mom, Dad, children living together  Extended Family: As above and includes other family members such as a grandparent or uncle, etc

12 Family Terms  Blended Family: Usually after a divorce, when parents with different children live together. This would be step Mom and Dad with step children.  Single Parent Family: One parent with child, or children.

13 Birth Without one of these it is difficult to get any other legal papers A Naturalization Certificate is the adult equivalent for new citizens  When you are born the government issues you with a certificate proving who you are.  You also receive your own unique SSN# that uniquely identifies you.

14 Birth  All children born (or raised) in the U.S. are required by law to be immunized against certain diseases.  Schools will not allow you to attend until you have the required shots

15 Marriage  Marriage is a reserved power under the Constitution (10 th Am.), so states have wide latitude in enforcing different rules.  What legal requirements do you know about?

16 Marriage Requirements: AGE AGE  Most states require a couple to be at least 16 (with parental permission), while some states allow younger children to get married in case of pregnancy.

17 Relationship Forbidden relationships:  Parent, child, grandparent, grandchild, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, niece and nephew.  Not all states agree on cousins…  All states forbid marriage between immediate relatives.  Any sexual act between close relatives is considered INCEST, which is a crime.

18 People  In this country, marriage can only exist between two people.  Multiple wives/husbands are forbidden under law.  States vary as to the legality of gay marriage

19 Health requirements…  Some states (including NJ) require the married couple to undergo health screenings prior to marriage.  Syphilis, HIV

20 Consent  BOTH parties in the marriage must agree.  Arranged marriages, where one person is forced into marriage are illegal in the U.S.

21 Consummation If sex has not taken place, the marriage can be annulled!  A marriage is not technically binding until it has been consummated.  Consummation means the couple have had sex after marriage.  The physical part of love is considered an important legal act…

22 Problems and issues  Take out your book…  Read pages 363 – 375,  Complete problems: 30.3 30.4 30.5 30.6 30.8 30.9

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