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Course Selection Navigating your choices: Which Biology class should I choose? Revised January 2013.

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1 Course Selection Navigating your choices: Which Biology class should I choose? Revised January 2013

2 Science Department Philosophy Introduce students to all 3 major disciplines of science while in high school. Establish problem solving and critical thinking skills. Teach students how to relate science to life experiences.

3 Course Options for 9th Grade Biology – Advanced Placement Level – Honors Level – Accelerated Level – Academic Level Science Olympiad

4 Keystone Exam in Biology Beginning with the class of 2015, students in all levels of Biology will be required to take the Keystone Exam in Biology State mandated test which will be given toward the end of the year Students must pass exam for Pennsylvania graduation requirements

5 Science Course Sequences Sequence I: Biology, 9th Chemistry, 10th Physics, 11th Electives, 11th & 12th Sequence II: Biology, 9th Environmental Science, 10th Chemistry, 11th Physics, 12th Electives, 10th, 11th, 12th *For a full sequence of options, please see page 33 of the Program of Studies. Sequence III: Academic Biology, 9 th Topics in Life Science, 10 th Topics in Physical Science, 11 th Electives, 12 th

6 Characteristics of an AP Biology Student Highly self-motivated, high marks in science, and few absences Very strong commitment to science Read large amounts of a college level text and grasp concepts quickly Must possess outstanding study skills Work independently, and have good time management and organizational skills

7 Characteristics of an Honors Biology Student Strong interest in science Self-directed learners, with very good study skills Read large amounts of scientific content and grasp concepts quickly Capable of independent study Very good time-management and organizational skills for frequent homework assignments

8 Characteristics of an Accelerated Biology Student Moderate interest in science Good study and organizational skills Read and comprehend scientific content Motivated learners Capable of independent study

9 Characteristics of an Academic Biology Student Moderate interest in science Requires assistance with study and organizational skills Requires assistance with reading and comprehension Motivated learners *Typical classroom includes small-group learning environment with adult assistance

10 ItemAP BiologyHonors BiologyAccelerated Biology Academic Biology Homework Amt  Every night  4-5 times/week  3-4 times/week Homework Assign- ments  Nightly reading or outlining  In-depth study guides  Many assignments not graded  Nightly reading or outlining  Homework may be checked for completion or collected  Low points assigned to homework  Worksheets, study guides, and lab activities  Homework collected or check for completion  More points assigned to homework  Short worksheets  Vocab review  Homework checked everyday Class Activities  Lecture  AP level labs  Lecture with fill- in notes (PPT)  Labs  Activities to support content  Lecture with fill- in notes  Labs  Activities to support content  Interactive lecture and notes  In-class readings  Activities  Labs Grades  Tests will determine marking period grade  Tests make up most of marking period grade  Homework and labs account for small percent of grade (~20%)  Tests, class work, homework, and labs make up grade

11 Science Classes are Laboratory Based Courses BIOLOGY: Reaction Rates of Enzymes DNA Isolation Microscope Labs (living & dead organisms) Frog Dissection (real or virtual)

12 Science Olympiad Class designed for students interested in enhancing their knowledge of science Consists of technology, engineering, and theoretical aspects of science Semester or year based course which can be taken for either 3 or 6 days of each cycle Independent thought and design will be stressed

13 Science Clubs and Opportunities Chemistry Club Envirothon Biology Olympiad Chemistry Olympiad Physics Olympiad

14 Advice from Current Freshmen: Trust your 8 th grade teacher’s recommendations! Take advantage of all the great electives available – branch out - you don’t need too many study halls Selecting classes just to be with your friends DOES NOT WORK! Do what is right for you!

15 More Advice… Choose carefully! – you want to balance your courses and extra- curricular activities and not overwhelm yourself freshman year & changing your schedule is not always easy! Ask questions regarding coursework to teachers and peers! Look forward to Conestoga! You are well prepared by your Middle School teachers and will enjoy life at the “Big C”

16 Questions? Refer to course of study booklet Contact Student Services at CHS Check out the textbooks to see which level is right for you! – Teacher pages – Hawkins, Amy » Biology Info (on the left hand side) – Direct Link  Email:

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