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Meadowlark Middle School

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1 Meadowlark Middle School
6th Grade Math Meadowlark Middle School Curriculum Night

2 Middle School Math Pathways:
Traditional 6th Grade – Math 6 7th Grade – Math 7 8th Grade – Math 8 These are the courses taken by the typical middle school math student! Typically, once a student begins the traditional middle school Math pathway, the student will need to continue the traditional pathway throughout middle school. Accelerated 6th Grade – Accelerated Math 6/7 7th Grade – Accelerated Math 7/8 8th Grade – Algebra I or Integrated Math I These are the courses taken by advanced Math students in middle school! A student can move from the accelerated pathway to the traditional pathway during middle school if necessary. Students who follow the Accelerated Math pathway will typically take Geometry in 9th grade

3 6th Grade Math Pacing Guides
Where are they? From the district website: Click on Departments Click on Mathematics Click on Middle School Pacing Guides Click on Grade 6 Math or 6th Grade Accelerated Math Pacing Guides

4 6th Grade Math Standard Course of Study
5 Strands or Goals: Numbers and Operations Measurement Geometry Data Analysis and Probability Algebra

5 6th Grade Math Standard Course of Study
You can navigate from the district homepage (many page navigations) OR click on the link below OR From Meadowlark Middle homepage, go to the Pitt Panthers 6th grade webpage and click on the Math Information page which has the above link on it

6 Common Core State Standards
New Common Core State Standards for Mathematics will be adopted next year – To view these standards, go to the website below:


For a student to be successful, he/she must: Complete all assignments to the best of his/her ability (This includes homework, class work, and projects.) Seek extra help when needed Study daily. Explain to parents/guardians what is learned daily in class. Come to class prepared to LEARN!

9 Expectations Continued
When absent, students need to make up all missing assignments. Come to class will all necessary materials Check team website daily.

10 93 – 100 A 85 – 92 B 77 – 84 C 70 – 76 D 69 – Below F Grading Scale:
6th Grade Math

11 Grade Weights

12 Types of Assignments Class work- Guided practice given to help students get acquainted with problems from different sections. Homework- Independent practice given to help solidify the lesson for each student Quizzes- Some are announced, and some are “pop” but both allow students and teachers to know what parts of the material needs to be polished before a test. Tests- Most tests are given at the end of a chapter to tell teachers what students have mastered, and possibly what may need to be worked back into the curriculum.

13 Examples: Morning Work Group Assignments EOG Preparation Classwork

14 Homework is a weekly grade

15 Quizzes are typically given throughout the school year on smaller amounts of information than on tests Quizzes

16 Tests are typically given on larger amounts of information than quizzes and are usually given at the end of a chapter or the conclusion of teaching a specific concept Tests

17 MATH TUTORING Check with your individual Math teacher for specific day/time (s) Students need a note signed by parent/guardian at least one day prior to tutoring session Note also needs to state who will be picking the student up by 3:15

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