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Sexuality in „The Buddha of Suburbia“

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1 Sexuality in „The Buddha of Suburbia“

2 Sexual revolution Free love - Haroon -homosexuality -Karim - Jamila
Overview Sexual revolution Free love - Haroon -homosexuality -Karim - Jamila

3 Sexual revolution Also known as “sexual liberation”
Began in the Western World and took place from the 1960´s into the 70´s Challenged traditional aspects of behavior related to sexuality or interpersonal relationships  acceptance outside of heterosexual or monogamous relationships Consequences: the pill, public nudity, normalization of homosexuality etc. , legalization of abortion  nevertheless teen pregnancy increased

4 Free love Social movement that rejects marriage
Especially a movement by women Also to separate the state form adultery and birth control “fulfilled earthly human happiness” against that believe Especially against forced marriage

5 Haroon

6 Homosexuality Homosexuality in Middleages and modern times  sin and deviant 70´s a turning point for homosexuals in society A lot of gay movements in the 70´s  e.g. CSD Nowadays mostly accepted in the western world


8 Karim Cannot decide whether he is hetero,- or homosexual
Experiences with both sex (free time activity) E.g. Charlie Finally gets in love with Eleanor sex orgies breaks up

9 Jamila Has sex with Karim Later on she has and affair with Simon
Pregnant  she starts to date a woman (bisexual)

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