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Christmas In the United Kingdom.

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1 Christmas In the United Kingdom

2 Advent Advent is the period from the 1st December until Christmas Day. It is how Christians prepare for Christmas. Young children usually have a chocolate Advent Calander, where they get to eat a sweet every morning of December.

3 Father Christmas Also known as Santa Claus, this international symbol of Christmas is very popular in Great Britain. In the UK, children are told that he comes down the chimney in your house and puts presents around the Christmas tree. We leave out a glass of milk and a minced pie for him, and a carrot for his reindeer.

4 Christmas Tree In UK households, many people put up a Christmas tree.
They are then decorated like this with ornaments on them and either a star or an angel on the top Then presents are laid around the bottom of it ready to open on Christmas Day .

5 Decorations Christmas Decorations are very popular and many people go crazy with theirs. Such as hundreds of lights around their houses, others like to keep it simple and tasteful.

6 Christmas Carols Christmas Carols are songs that are sung at this time of year. They are not as popular as they used to be, and now it is more likely that pop stars will sing Christmas themed songs. But people still do go Carol Singing, and go around their neighbourhoods and collect money for charity by singing these festive songs.

7 Christmas Dinner Christmas Crackers Turkey Dinner Christmas Pudding
Christmas Hat

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