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What is Energy? Forms of Energy

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1 What is Energy? Forms of Energy
Chapter 5 Section 1 & 2 Pages 146 – 155

2 I. Energy, Work, and Power a. The ability to do work or cause change is called __ENERGY__. 1. Works and Energy a. When an __OBJECT__ or living thing does __WORK__ on another object, some of its __ENERGY__ is transferred to that object. b. __WORK__ is __ENERGY__

3 2. Powers and Energy a. If the transfer of __ENERGY__ is __WORK__, then __POWER__ is the rate at which energy is __TRANSFERRED__, or the amount of __ENERGY__ transferred in a unit of time. b. Power = __ENERGY TRANSFERRED__ / __TIME__ c. __POWER__ is involved whenever __ENERGY__ is being transferred. Work and Power Song: (3:34)

4 II. Kinetic Energy a. Moving objects does __WORK__, it has __ENERGY__
b. The energy and object has due to its __MOTION__ is called __KINETIC ENERGY__ 1. Factors Affecting Kinetic Energy a. __KINETIC__ energy of an object depends on both its __MASS__ and its __VELOCITY__ b. Kinetic energy __INCREASES__ as mass __INCREASES__ c. Kinetic energy also __INCREASES__ when __VELOCITY__ increases.

5 2. Calculating Kinetic Energy
a. Kinetic Energy = ½ X __MASS__ X __VELOCITY2 __ b. __VELOCITY__ of an object will have a __GREATER__ effect on its kinetic energy than changing its __MASS__ by the same factor. Brain Pop- Kinetic Energy (2:01)

6 III. Potential Energy a. An __OBJECT__ does not have to be moving to have __ENERGY__ b. __STORED__ energy that results from the position or shape of an object is called __POTENTIAL__ energy

7 1. Gravitational Potential Energy
a. __POTENTIAL__ energy related to an object’s __HEIGHT__ is called __GRAVITATIONAL POTENTIAL ENERGY__ b. Gravitational potential energy = __WEIGHT__ X __HEIGHT__ 2. Elastic Potential Energy a. The __POTENTIAL__ energy associated with object that can be __STRETCHD__ or __COMPRESSED__ is called __ELASTIC POTENTIAL ENERGY__ Brain Pop – Potential Energy (2:06)

8 B. Forms of Energy I. Mechanical Energy a. The form of energy associated with the __POSITION__ and __MOTION__ of an object is called __MECHANICAL ENERGY__ b. Mechanical Energy = __POTENTIAL ENERGY__ + __KINETIC ENERGY_

9 Other Forms of Energy 1. Thermal Energy
a. The __TOTAL__ potential and __KINETIC__ energy of the particles in an object is called __THERMAL ENERGY__ Energy Song: (3:06)

10 a. The energy of __ELECTRIC CHARGES __ is electrical energy.
3. Chemical Energy a. __CHEMICAL ENERGY__ is potential energy stored in the __CHEMICAL BONDS__ that hold chemical compounds together. 4. Nuclear Energy a. __NUCLEAR__ energy is stored in the nucleus of an __ATOM__ 5. Electromagnetic Energy a. __ELECTROMAGNETIC__ energy travels in waves from the __SUN__ Brain Pop – Forms of Energy (1:52)

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