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Careers for Graduates of OSU ’ s Natural Resource Ecology and Management Department.

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1 Careers for Graduates of OSU ’ s Natural Resource Ecology and Management Department

2 Specializing in a forestry option The following slides will show examples of positions for your specialty. If you don’t find what you are looking for, contact us:

3 Forestry Graduates could obtain positions with the following agencies or organizations: Private Industry Consulting Companies State & Municipal Agencies Federal Agencies: –U.S. Forest Service –National Parks Service –Bureau of Land Management –Natural Resources Conservation Service –Agricultural Research Service –Bureau of Indian Affairs

4 Forestry Positions in these organizations include: Forester Timber and harvest manager Forest ecologist Forest water quality ecologist Recreation manager Tree nursery manager Private forest land owner consultant Urban forester Forest researcher

5 Forester Foresters use methods to promote or mimic natural processes encouraging the growth of healthy, sustainable forests. They manage for a variety of objectives depending on priorities of the land owner. By measuring and inventorying the trees in a forest, they can manage for timber and many other uses. Foresters must manage for multiple forest uses such as water, wildlife, range, and, recreation.

6 Generally, private industry positions emphasize forest management for timber production; however, they are very intent on managing their resources sustainably. Certain federal agencies also have management for timber production. Timber Harvest Manager

7 Tree Nursery Manager Many times, both the private industry and the public depend on tree nursery mangers to provide the seedlings for their plantation or conservation needs. Many private industries have their own nurseries where they select for trees of superior quality. State agencies such the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry also have nurseries in which they provide trees for private landowners for conservation purposes.

8 Consultants can be either private companies or individuals who are self-employed. Consultants work for electric companies managing vegetation for utility right of ways. They can inventory and write appropriate forest management prescriptions for landowners. Consultant Forester

9 Many larger towns have positions as city foresters that are employed through the state. Urban foresters are influential in creating parks and other “green” areas for recreation in cities. They help prevent hazard trees in the city limits from doing damage to people or property. By using natural controls such as trees, they can help manage storm water through interception and drainage. Urban Forester

10 Forest Water Quality Manager Much of the United States’ population depends on a water supply that comes from forested watersheds. By implementing certain practices on upland sites and buffering around stream zones, foresters can maintain high water quality for biodiversity, recreation, and public consumption. They can also help in the monitoring process to determine the effectiveness of our current standards.

11 University & State Agencies Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Oklahoma State University Texas Parks & Wildlife Texas Division of Forestry Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation Missouri Department of Conservation New Mexico State University

12 State Agencies The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation employs many OSU graduates. Positions are available as wildlife or fisheries biologists, area managers, and game wardens. The Information and Education Division and the Division of Natural Resources also employs OSU graduates.

13 Federal Government Employers National Park Service U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service U.S. Forest Service Bureau of Land Management Bureau of Indian Affairs USDA Agriculture Research Service U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

14 Federal Agencies The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employs OSU graduates in Ecological Services (mainly endangered and threatened species) and the National Wildlife Refuge System. Although the following agencies are underrepresented in Oklahoma, they employ our graduates in many other states: National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management.

15 Examples of Private Employers The Nature Conservancy Red Buffalo, LLC Bluestem, LLC Turner Ranches, Inc. Cherokee Nation Livestock and Wildlife managers on private ranches

16 Job Searching Websites

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