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Welcome to General Chemistry II Lecture Spring 2012 If you are here for biology, get out now!!

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1 Welcome to General Chemistry II Lecture Spring 2012 If you are here for biology, get out now!!

2 Syllabus for Chem 152 General Chemistry II Lecture Spring 2012 Instructor: Ross Fischer Office Location: Harlan Hall 210, in the back of Lab 208 Phone: 538-6447 Leave a message with a return phone number. I’m in the labs a lot and can’t answer my phone most of the time, so please leave a message or send me an email.

3 Email: e-mail is the best way to contact me. Please use your mustang express account for e-mailing me. I will e-mail messages and labs to the class using Mustang Express, so it is important that you check your account Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:00-1:00 pm Tuesday 10:00-12:00

4 Course Catalog Description: CHEM 152/154. General Chemistry II & lab. Second introductory course in chemistry; three lectures and one lab per week. Prerequisite: CHEM 151/153. (4) Algebra is required. Don’t freak out over the math. We can help you get through it.

5 Text book: (Access Required ) You can use either edition of “General Chemistry: The Essential Concepts” by Raymond Chang (Author), Jason Overby (Author)Raymond ChangJason Overby ISBN-13: 978-0077354718 (6 th edition) ISBN-13: 978-0073048512 (5 th edition). You can buy the 5 th edition for a few dollars online. (Recommended): “Problem-Solving Workbook with Solutions for use with General Chemistry “ Raymond ChangRaymond Chang ISBN-13: 978-0077296117 or ISBN-13: 978-0073048529 You need to be able to read the chapters before coming to class. I will teach from power point slides, so the edition doesn’t matter to much.

6 Course Instructional Objectives: This course is designed to teach the student the basics of chemistry and how it relates to real life situations. We will cover the chemistry that someone entering into a Chemistry Major will need to help them understand organic, physical and instrumental chemistry. Chemistry teaches the basics of atoms and molecules. Nomenclature, the scientific method, concentrations and some environmental science will be covered.

7 General Chemistry Organic Chemistry Biochemistry PharmacologyMolecular biology Analytical and Instrumental Chemistry Physical Chemistry Forensics Environmental Sciences Inorganic chemistry

8 Course Outcomes or Competencies: A successful student will learn the following basics of Chemistry:  Nomenclature of chemicals.  The definitions of an atom, a compound, a chemical, an ion, an element, an electrolyte and a salt.  The energy of compounds.  Chemical bonding. Ionic versus Covalent.  The mole concept and the Molarity concept.  Basic Gas laws.  Nuclear radiation.  Types of reactions.  Organic versus inorganic chemicals  Acids, Bases and pH.  Kinetics  Intermolecular Forces

9 Assessment/Evaluation and Grading Scale Your attendance is mandatory. Attendance will be taken during class. If you have a scheduling conflict that is going to cause you to be chronically late or you need to always leave early, you must speak with the instructor as soon as possible. University policy states that the instructor of a class can drop you from the course after three unexcused absences. It’s your grade, you will screw up by not coming to class. This class is going to be fast paced and will require you to read ahead. Don’t fall behind; stay caught up with your reading. I expect you to read the chapters before you come to class.

10  There will be three tests each worth 100 points. All tests are cumulative; meaning previously covered material is going to be in each test. Chemistry requires you to learn and remember each principle so that it can be used to explain other subjects throughout the semester.  There will be approximately ten 10 point quizzes. These quizzes will be pop quizzes and unexcused absences will not be allowed to make them up. Your best five grades will be used for your final class grade.  Home work assignments will constitute an additional 50 points. We will have approximately 10 homework assignments each worth 10 points. Your best five grades will be used for your final class grade.

11 You will be graded from a total of 400 points. I don’t believe in the 10% grade scale. If I feel you learned a lot you can get an A with an 80% grade. Approximately 1/4 of my students earn A’s and 1/3 earns B’s. Please don’t hesitate to ask what your grade is throughout the semester. I’ll gladly tell you if you are producing an A or an F grade

12 Student athletes, club members, and students in classes going on field trips will be excused and allowed to make up quizzes and tests if, and only if, your coach or sponsor sends an email stating that you are going to be out of town. Students with excuses given from the Student Affairs office will also be allowed to make up quizzes. It is your responsibility to schedule a make-up if needed. I realize that we all have family and heath issues that may interfere with you coming to class. I will often accommodate students if they will talk with me and explain their problem. Cheating just isn’t worth the problems that you will suffer if you are caught. Cheating is grounds for expulsion from the class. In order to allow a positive learning atmosphere for everyone; obscenities, offensive and foul language will not be tolerated. Please respect your fellow students.


14 What you should already know The Mole Molarity Molar mass Sig. figs. Scientific notation Isotopes Ionic compounds Naming chemicals Poly atomic ions Balancing equations Limiting reactants Percent yields ReOx reactions Thermodynamics Gas laws Electron shells

15 Starting chapter 9

16 Give me two things that you like about the way Dr. White taught the class. You don’t need to put your name on the paper if you don’t want to. Sign the roll before you leave.

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