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The Sichuan Earthquake, China

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1 The Sichuan Earthquake, China
A Case Study Example The Sichuan Earthquake, China

2 Homework 2 weeks today (30th April)
Collect and produce a piece of work on the Chinese Earthquake of 2008. See wiki

3 Mark Scheme You will be awarded grades based on your investigation skills within Geography. Merits will also be available for the most detailed and colourful powerpoint slides.

4 Investigation skills IN geography
LEVEL 3 LEVEL 4 LEVEL 5 LEVEL 6 LEVEL 7 They ask and suggest responses to a range of simple questions They suggest relevant questions They ask relevant questions and suggest sequences of enquiry They identify relevant geographical questions & establish sequences for their investigations With growing independence they implement effective sequences of questions and select their own methods for investigations They observe, collect and record information indoors and outdoors They observe, collect, measure and record relevant data, in and out of doors They collect, accurately measure and record relevant data from different resources They select, collect, measure and record relevant data, from a range of sources including fieldwork. They collect, measure and record accurately more complex data. They find some answers to their investigation questions They organise information to present straight forward conclusions to their investigations They use evidence and draw plausible conclusions from their investigation They analyse information to provide logical explanations and present conclusions which are consistent with the evidence. They analyse evidence to construct and justify valid explanations and substantiated conclusions. Investigation skills IN geography

5 BBC Website Special Report
IMAGES of China earthquake Video – One Year Anniversary

6 Details of the Earthquake
Date Location Magnitude (The Richter/Mercalli Scales)

7 The Causes of the Earthquake
Use your knowledge of Plate Tectonics

8 The Social Effects What were the effects on people?

9 Physical Effects What were the effects on the landscape and buildings (infrastructure)?

10 Economic Effects How much money’s worth of damage was done
How much will need to be spent?

11 Human Responses Short Term Long Term

12 Solutions to Earthquakes
What can be done to reduce the impacts of earthquakes?

13 Other Interesting Info regarding Earthquakes
The most recent earthquake The most powerful earthquakes The most devestating earthquake of all time Earthquakes in the UK? How do earthquakes casue Tsunamis? Other

14 Useful Weblinks Seismic Scale Earthquake Locator
Most Recent Earthquake Locations Chile Earthquake Why do earthquakes happen?

15 Games to finish! Click on the links below to try your hand at protecting San Francisco from an earthquake: New Bridge Bay Build an earthquake proof city Earthquake Interactive Activity Quake Quiz Emergency!

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