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Branding & Positioning

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1 Branding & Positioning
A Brand gives a product a distinct identity A Brand consists of all the features that make up a product’s image Brands are created using names, logos, slogans to convey the product’s personality or position Unbranded products are called commodities Ex. Wheat, Oil, Minerals (Iron Ore, Gold, etc)

2 Benefits of a Good Brand…
Brand leadership often maintained over long period of time Easy for consumers to identify goods or services Assures purchasers of consistent quality Can be advertised and recognized Reduces selling time and effort Reduces price comparisons May be only thing that a competitor cannot copy

3 Brand Examples Auto Industry Ford Buick BMW Toyota Mazda Chrysler
Subaru Ferrari Mini Volkswagen

4 Branding Brand names are either … corporate dominant or
product dominant

5 Branding Corporate dominant names include the name of the manufacturing company in the brand name or as the name of the product (Roots, Nike, Hollister) Product dominant names try to connect a product with its positive attributes (Zest soap, iPhone, PlayStation)

6 Branding - Logos Monogrammatic Symbols Visual Symbols Abstract Symbols
Logo is the term for all of the symbolic ways to create a brand: Includes trademarks, brand marks, logotypes & corporate symbols Logos have 3 basic forms: Monogrammatic Symbols Visual Symbols Abstract Symbols

7 Branding - Logos Monogrammatic Logos: consist of the stylized writing of the company’s or product’s initials.

8 Branding - Logos Visual Symbols:
Usually line drawings of people, animals or objects

9 Branding - Logos Abstract Symbols:
Shapes that carry a visual message but are not identifiable objects They convey a vague product association

10 Brands in common language...
Some brand names are so successful they become part of our everyday language...can you name some: Kleenex Q-tip Jell-o Others...? Ziplock Band Aid Xerox Vaseline

11 World’s Most Valuable brands

12 Private label brands… A private label is a brand that a retailer creates to exploit their corporate image Only that retailer can sell it It allows them to differentiate themselves (And control price and quality) Examples: Loblaw’s “President’s Choice” Shopper’s Drug Mart’s “Life” brand

13 Brands and Slogans A slogan is a short, catchy phrase that is always attached to a company/product’s name and logo Captain Obvious’ Examples: Nike: ______________ McD’s: ______________

14 Brands and Slogans Good Slogans ….Are short (7 words or less)
States the brand name Tells the consumer what the company/product does Is catchy and memorable Carries a positive message

15 Successful Slogans…

16 Refreshing a Brand… Companies will make changes to products in an effort to create or stimulate ‘brand awareness’ Ex: change package, target market, ads… Milk-”Drink Milk...Love Life” imparts a healthy association with milk. It would be difficult to re-position milk as a trendy drink Mountain Dew was transformed from a drink associated with “Hillbillies”, to one associated with extreme sports enthusiasts. Foreign markets require special product and brand positioning due to cultural, political, religious and economic factors

17 Extending a Brand… Brand extension involves using an established brand’s success to introduce a new but SIMILAR product Example: Humpty Dumpty chips logo used to extend in the snack market (Ringolos) The idea is for consumers to buy the new product because they will think it has the same quality as the older and more established product used in the brand extension Any others?

18 Brand Extensions Cont’d…
Extending a Brand does not always work… Bic Underware Harley Davidson Perfume

19 Licensing a Brand… Some companies license the use of their brand identification to other companies for a fee: Example: Dolby Sound used in music equipment, etc Celebrities often license the use of their names to endorse products Can you think of any?

20 Co-Branding When two or more brands combine and cooperate for their mutual benefit Example: Crest and Scope, Wal-Mart and McD Any others? See “Twenty Co-Branding Examples”

21 Brand Acquisition… Just what the title implies
Rather than developing a new brand, a company may (with enough $$) buy an existing brand Important to note that there are no changes Examples: Nike purchasing Bauer, Google purchasing YouTube

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