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African Wildlife Caitlin Kilduff.

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1 African Wildlife Caitlin Kilduff

2 Lions Lions live in groups from 10-15. These groups are called prides.
Adult (male) lions roar can be heard from 8km away. Baby lions can be called a cub, whelpt or a lionet. Lions are carniviores. Lions hunt on big prey such as zebras. Credit: TONY CAMACHO/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY

3 Hippos The name hippopotamus means river horse.
Hippos kill nearly 3000 people every year! A male hippo is called a bull. A female hippo is called a cow. A baby hippo is called a calf. Credit: TONY CAMACHO/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY

4 Wildebeest Wildebeest can also be called a GNU!
A wildebeest is a large grey antelope. Wildebeest belong to the bovidae family. Credit: BILDAGENTUR-ONLINE/MCPHOTO-SCHULZ/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY

5 Game Hunting Hunters kill around 105,000 animals per year!
Around 3800 buffalo, 600 lions and 800 leopards are killed every year! For more information, see:

6 Poaching The Great Fish River Reserve in S. Africa protects rhinos.
100 elephants are killed each day for ivory. China says they will not tolerate illegal ivory trading. Zebras are killed for food and medicine. Test your knowledge on poaching with this quiz:

7 THANKS! Hope you enjoyed it!

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