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Interactive magazines how they work & their history.

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1 Interactive magazines how they work & their history

2 Normal conventional magazines that are on the internet and that are accessible to people all over the internet they feature interactivity like videos & podcasts Images are of the highest quality Articles the same as normal but combined with videos & podcasts links on pages of interactive magazines to go to other websites – also known as hyperlinks Interactive magazines are also available on mobile phones, I-pads, & playstation consoles ones that allow internet access Interactive autosport magazine What interactive magazines are

3 How interactive magazines work By turning pages with the computers mouse instead & also zooming in to a specific image or a piece of text that you are interested in. Also interactive magazines can be put together in order and that they stay in order for the reader just like in a conventional printed magazine. You may also find links on the pages to take you back to a specific page that you may want to read about. Interactive magazines are more appealing to consumers of new media The press complaints comission will still regulate interactive magazines although in the future expect it to be more in house in that they regulate theirselves

4 How interactive magazines started This process started in the 1990s Height of popularity is now in the 2000s Future is bright for this industry of media The internet has had a great effect for magazine publishers & producers Another term for interactive magazines is interactive journal meaning interactive journalism Interactive magazines are now available to print for readers and this was developed in around (2003) and onwards

5 Why are interactive magazines so popular Printing tool To go out of magazine option Zoom in option All basic options in interactive magazines Scroll bar to go to next page of magazine Easy to use Interactive Aesthetically pleasing images Interactive magazine page from car magazine As I have said also they are available on multiple media platforms as well.

6 Magazines that use Interactive magazines online All of these publications use Interactive magazines for their current issues and for independent issues relating to interactive magazines as well. You still have to pay online to read their digital publications in the same way as buying a magazine or paper from the shops. So the usual conventions are still there but now a magazine is more interactive & user friendly then previously in a conventional one. BBC in my view In the future will run all the magazines interactivily rather than printed magazines

7 Interactive magazines how much money do they bring in for publishers By (2020) it is predicted that the interactive magazine industry will be worth up to 20 billion dollars meaning that the industry is growing faster & faster. Printing out interactive magazines Paying for subscriptions Selling more advertising Selling high quality images for thousands of pounds or dollars Similar proportion like this expected in europe & asia

8 Why the concept has spread to hundreds of brands of magazines & worldwide The popularity of the internet Accessibility of computers for magazine companies & publishers Simple & easy to use Available on different media platforms & worldwide highly popular Interactive magazines can only get better not worse in my point of view

9 Are interactive magazines going to be around for a long time Yes cause the future of journalism in general is becoming more & more dependent on the internet for news updates & on what is happening in the world. And interactive magazines incorporate the internet to the fullest of its abilities. Yes

10 Links/sites to do with interactive magazines ntAodsFHT0Q

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